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Rajesh Kerai: The Founder Of Dignity Furniture Stores

Rajesh Keria entry into the furniture business was by chance. The entrepreneur was looking for furniture for his office and home but he discovered what was available was too expensive or did not suit his taste. 

This is what triggered him to venture into the business by establishing Dignity Furnitures.

Here is Kerai’s story as told by WoK.

Dignity Furniture

Rajesh Kerai and his business partner started to source for capital after entering a deal with suppliers in China since they were more interested in imported furniture.

Through their savings and loans that they sourced from friends, the two managed to raise Ksh 3 million which they used to set up a showroom in Lang’ata, Nairobi.

“We were able to convert the inventory in a week selling to offices and corporates as we had a waiting market. This earned us trust from our suppliers overseas,” Kerai told BD.

A king size bed on sale at Dignity Furniture PHOTO/Courtesy

Just months into the business, Kerai and his partner had developed a cordial relationship with their suppliers and they would even receive stocks before paying for them.

The business picked and the company resorted to importing the furniture in bulk, as well as hiring people to different positions.

“We discovered as soon as we had started that we were overworking and the long-term effect of that would affect our business

“The other thing we found out was that we needed a leader for the business, someone who had hands on the management side of the business,” Kerai said.

The company now has 60 employees from the initial team of four.

Types of furniture

The company deals with imported home, office, bedroom and dining furniture as well as outdoor furniture and decor services.

They also offer storage collections, stools, bar stools, carpets and rugs among many other furnishings.

The company also partners with local carpenters to stock locally made furniture, even as they insist on providing affordable furniture.

“We partner with local carpenters for wood and MDF furniture like dining sets, coffee tables, beds etc. Our biggest challenge, however, with this is the turnaround time

“One dining set can take up to two weeks to make. A similar set would only take two to three days elsewhere,” Rajesh Kerai said.

A 7-seater recliner seat on sale at Dignity Furniture PHOTO/Courtesy


Other than their showroom in Lang’ata, Dignity Furnitures also set up another showrooms in Thika Road and Mlolongo.

They also have a new showroom in Parklands which was opened on Thursday, December 1.

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