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Rev. Lucy Natasha Biography, Age, Education, Family, Background, Career, Husband, Books and Awards

By Prudence Minayo

Rev. Lucy Natasha is an influential Kenyan preacher whose ministry attracts audiences from far and wide. At some point, many nicknamed her “Kenya’s Hottest Preacher,” a title she earned thanks to her looks and curvaceous body. Beyond the beauty and elegance, lies a well spoken woman with a rich powerful message delivered with a voice full of authority.

Lucy Natasha heads a global ministry that not only focuses on preaching but reaches out to give hope to those who feel hopeless through “The Natasha Hand of Compassion.” The founder of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries (PLGM) was a stammerer before she rose to become one of the most recognizable preacher in Kenya. 

Rev. Lucy believes that Christianity is not boring and there is nothing wrong with slaying as you preach. However, she believes women should aspire to be real queens not slay queens and gives the following differences between the former and latter:

  • A slay queen wants to know what a man drives, a real queen wants to know what drives a man
  • A slay queen is interested in the size of your television, a real queen is interested in the size of your vision
  • A slay queen wants to know where you live, a real queen wants to know what lives in the man
  • A slay queen wants to know what’s in your biceps, a real queen wants to know your concepts

The woman of cloth has very powerful insights about various matters that she describes both in her preaching and books. Here what this writer was able to gather about Natasha.


The reverend has not yet revealed her age but she was born on the 24th July and has been in ministry for over 12 years.


She started her formal education at Salama Primary school then transferred to Umoja Primary School. 


The prominent reverend was raised by her mother Esther Wanjiru, who is a preacher and senior pastor, along with her two siblings, a brother and a sister. The brother Shafique is part of the ministry and heads the protocol team while her sister Shiphra is a pastry chef. Her father is a businessman.


The founder of PLGM was born and raised in the slums of Mathare. In an interview with K24’s Upclose team, she reveals that life was not easy and she thought her only option in life was to become a teacher. Rev. Lucy recounted how they’d be given difficult tasks, like, watching over the clothes in the hanging line to make sure no one steals them. 

Miss. Natasha was also a stammerer and her mom would call preachers to pray for her. At the age of 9, she learnt to speak well and started preaching, not in churches but places like children’s conferences.


The famous preacher started full time ministry at the age of 19 as a traveling minister. She started by preaching in villages and towns before becoming an ordained minister. 

On the 19th of June 2011, she was ordained as a reverend by Arch Bishop Gitonga in the Redeemed headquarters. Her services are not held on Sundays like most churches since hers is an interdenominational ministry not a church. They are called Miracle Mondays held every Monday at the 680 Hotel.

Bodyguards Question

Rev. Lucy Natasha Biography, Age, Education, Family, Background, Career, Husband, Books and Awards
Rev. Lucy Natasha Photo/Courtesy

A lot of people were questioning the reason she has bodyguards trailing her. In an interview with a leading media house, she clarified that those are not bodyguards but members of the protocol team who are stewards in her ministry. They just ensure there is order. Plus, when it comes to security everyone needs it, whether a believer or non believer. 

The author calls herself an oracle and many wonder why. When God called her she was told she was going to be a voice to the nations, an oracle to the nations. An oracle can be described as a medium who God gives instructions to pass to others.

The ministry she heads is funded by partners who believe in their course both in Kenya and the world. Another source of income is her books and she dabbles in other businesses. 


As a founder and overseer of a very big ministry, Lucy enjoys a comfortable lifestyle. Through her social media pages, she shares pictures of her travels in jets to different destinations in the world. The fleets of cars she chauffeured in are worth millions of Kenyan Shillings. 


Rev. Lucy Natasha is not yet married. In the interview with Betty Kyallo this is what she had to say on the topic:

“ Yes, currently I am single. I was in a relationship that ahh didn’t work out because you know sometimes.. before you really get the ideal person….It takes a long time but I also believe in what the Bible says in Isaiah 34:16 Not one will miss their mate for the mouth of the Lord has commanded. That means there is somebody for everybody.”

Rev. Lucy Natasha Biography, Age, Education, Family, Background, Career, Husband, Books and Awards
Natasha and her husband to be Prophet Carmel Image/Courtesy

She further revealed that her ideal man should be her prayer partner not prayer point and that she would love to have two children.

Talking on Jessy Junction (a show hosted by MC Jessy), Natasha disclosed she was seeing someone but did not reveal much except that he was a Kenyan.

But by the Grace of God…I can tell you very well that I’m in a good relationship. And Love is about two imperfect people coming together…I feel this is the person that God has ordained for me, he’s a friend. He’s someone I can talk to, if I have something Good I want share, if am going through a struggle this is the person I feel that I need to share with” said Rev. Lucy Natasha.

Fast forward to 2021, the Oracle of God preacher finally introduced her man who goes by the name Prophet Stanley Carmel. The Indian preacher proposed to Natasha in an invite only ceremony held at the Boma Hotel.

An excited Natasha took to social media to share the news.

“I said yes! .

“Arrival moments. ‘I have found the one whom my soul loves. Songs of Solomon 3.4.#NatashaAndCarmel,” she wrote on yet another post.

Prophet Carmel is a pastor at India Full Gospel Fellowship.

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The servant of God has written more than 12 books which are inspiring and contain great lessons and teachings. Below are just a few examples:

  • Touching Heaven through prayers: Secrets of a Prayer Warrior. It talks about key principle of prayers and the author believes you can preach and perish but you can’t pray and perish
  • Before you say I do: falling in love without falling into trouble. The book talks about things to consider before marriage. It contains the types of husbands you should avoid, such as, the Solomon man who is polygamous in nature. It also talks about the types of wives one should avoid.
  • God’s Leading Lady: You are a Diamond
  • 7 Keys to Success. Offers teachings on things people can do to become successful.


  1. Honorary award in 2018 granted by the African Prestigious Award in Accra, Ghana. The awards are to celebrate achievers in Africa and the Natasha Hand of Compassion was nominated.
  2. World Civility Award in 2018 by the I Change Nations. She became the first woman in Africa to receive this award.