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Richest Churches in Kenya And Amount They Make Annually

By Prudence Minayo

The number of churches in Kenya has been on a steady rise over the years as men of cloth continue to devise ways of attracting congregants. In 2015, a number of churches had annual returns of between kes100 million to kes1 billion. This article looks at the richest churches in Kenya. 

CITAM (Christ is the Answer Ministries) 

Previously known as Nairobi Pentecostal Church, it was founded in 1959 as a ministry of Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. It acquired the name Christ is the Answer Ministries (CITAM) in 2003 and was registered as an autonomous independent entity under the Societies Act of Kenya. 

The first church services were held at Rahimtulla Hall near Jevanjee street. The church was a small assembly of 20-30 members who were mainly European and Canadian expatriates. It has since grown and currently has 15 branches distributed in major towns across the country and has a membership of more than 30,000. 

They are also the owners of Hope FM and Hope TV. In 2015, they recorded a revenue sum of Ksh1.016 billion.

Nairobi Chapel

The Nairobi Chapel began during pre-independence Kenya with the congregants being mostly whites. The membership gradually decreased following independence as most Europeans went back to their country. Most locals and students in post-independence Kenya saw it as an all-whites church and didn’t attend. By 1980, membership had dropped to about 30 people. The remaining members began to pray and fast and by 1990 had adopted evangelism and vibrant contemporary worship. This drew in students and young people and the church soon became flooded. 

In 2015, they collected Sh440,159,435. 

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Mavuno Church 

Mavuno Church began in 2005 as one assembly meeting in the south side of Nairobi. The community then grew significantly over the next few years had spread across Europe and Africa. The church attracts lots of young people owing to its vibrant praise and worship, sermons, the marathon testimonies, greenhouse, its corporate model, social media, outreach activities and interdenominational approach. 

The church recorded kes291 million in 2015. 

All Saints Cathedral 

This is a cathedral of the Anglican Church of Kenya. The church traces its origin to the year 1844 when Dr. Johann Ludwig Krapf arrived in Mombasa and established a mission center in Rabai. 

It was not until 3rd February 1917 that the foundation stone for the church of All Saints was laid. The church was then consecrated to the glory of God on 21st March 1952 by Bishop R.P. Crabbe. 

In 2015, it recorded Ksh190,850,103. 

Nairobi Baptist Church 

The church was founded in 1958 by a group of 20 people made up of Africans, Asians and Europeans. They identified and responded to the need for a local congregation of open membership. This membership was based on personal Christian faith and drawn from society’s multi ethnic groups. Their mission is to create a worshipping community of the Lord Jesus Christ that is advancing the kingdom of God through the power of the holy spirit. 

It recorded a sum of Sh163 million in 2015.