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Richest Deejays in Kenya And Amount They Charge Per Gig

By Prudence Minayo

The entertainment scene in Kenya is alive and long gone are the days when entertainers were thought as failures. DJs, just like actors and musicians, are making decent money. This is evidenced by the cars they drive and the multi-million houses they own. DJs academies have sprouted as eager young men and women are keen on perfecting their skills. 

This article takes a look at some of the top richest deejays in Kenya  living a flamboyant life thanks to their trade.


Real name: Sammy Muraya Junior

He loved mixing music and started his professional career at Spin Rage DJ School. In 2009, he gained popularity when he appeared on and made it to the finals of Pilsner Mfalme DJ Competition. DJ Mo then worked on his skills, perfected them and managed to amass a huge number of fans.

Chris Kirubi reached out to him and that was how he started working at Capital FM. He also hosts crossover 101 alongside Grace Ekirapa on NTV and has also worked with Maisha Magic East. It is said he charges more than Kes100,000 for corporate events.

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DJ Joe Mfalme

Real name: Joseph Mwenda

From an early age, he wanted to be a deejay and worked towards reaching his goals. Today, he is an award winning deejay who has worked with a number of organizations and performed in several international gigs. He has worked with Capital FM and also Maisha Magic East and charges a little under kes200,000 for corporate events.

DJ Pierra Makena

She is one of the most sought after Kenyan female deejays. She has performed in various events both local and international and worked with a reputable media house in Kenya. Apart from her work at the disks, she is also a successful TV actor who won best supporting actress at the annual Nollywood and African Film Critics Awards in Los Angeles for her role in the film “When Loves Comes Around.”

DJ Pinye

Real name: Peter Chuani

Having a difficult start to life did not stop him from rising to fame. He started out from cleaning toilets in London to becoming one of the few deejays in Kenya back in the day. The spin master has produced an award winning music show on NTV known as The Beat and has been on radio on a number of occasions. In his prime he asked upwards of kes100,000 per gig. 

DJ Crème De la Crème

Real name: George Njuguna

He is among the biggest names in the showbizz industry. DJ Crème De la Crème started way back in 2003 and only slowed down towards the end of 2018. It was only later that he decided to take it seriously and rose to become a household name. He has performed on several events and hosts The Tonight’s Show on Kenya Television Network. His pay per gig ranges between kes50,000-kes100,000. 

Kris Darlin

He calls himself the king of deejays and has attended a good number of State events. He previously worked on NTV and hosted the popular reggae show Jamrock and has also hosted a show on Homeboyz radio.

DJ Protege

Real name: Yoram Mwangi.

He works with capital FM on a popular show known as ‘Dance Republic’ and also plays live on a sports show on the same station. DJ Protégé  is also a resident DJ for one of Nairobi’s premier lounges, Big Five Breweries and also plays at a number of events around the country.

DJ Kalonje

Real name: George Waweru

He started his career in 2007 and his versatile mixes made him gain prominence. The deejay performs in various events, nightclubs and his mixes are popular in various public service vehicles (matatus).

DJ Stylez

He is one of the pioneer deejays in Kenya and rose to fame under his stable Code Red Deejays. Through the label, he has managed to nurture a lot of deejays including DJ crème and DJ Dru. He has been in the industry since the early 2000s and many have and still looked up to him. 

DJ Adrian

He is one of the oldest deejays in the industry and has worked for Capital FM since 2002. The disc jockey has also performed in numerous shows where he specializes in soul music but also does hip hop and Kenyan pop. He has performed in several international shows and is definitely one of the richest in the deejay world. 

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