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Robert Alai Biography, Businesses He Owns And Family

Blogging in Kenya is synonymous with Robert Alai. Love him or hate him, the burly straight shooting cyber activist has unearthed more scandals than most ‘mainstream’ well oiled media houses in the country. And he has paid dearly. Taking senior blogger Cyprian Nyakundi from the equation, Robert Alai holds the record of the most arrested cyber activist in Kenya.

Parents Magazine gave one of the most interesting and apt description of Alai. It read in part:

“The name Robert Alai sends shivers down the spine of those who are engaging in unscrupulous deals. This is because Alai does not shy from exposing individuals or corporate entities doing a disservice to the nation”. ……”He has earned himself friends and foes in equal measure but that does not deter him from doing what he opines is right”, Lily Ronoh writes of the prolific blogger.

Who is Robert Alai Onyango?

The online entrepreneur was a fearless supporter of ODM leader Raila Odinga until they fell out. And credit to Alai, no other pro-Raila blogger has had the same impact he had. Commanding over 1 million followers on twitter, the blogger shared corrupt corner corner dealings in the Uhuru led government with so much gusto. Prior to the 2017 general elections, Alai changed sides and started attacking his mentor turned foe with the same venom he was known to direct at Uhuru and his henchmen.

He made it clear in a Facebook post that he was supporting Uhuru in the August 8, 2017 election. His post read:

“NASA desperados please know that attacking, concocting or imagining all kinds of desperate stories on me won’t win you votes. You need to campaign, knock doors, convince more people to vote for your methuselah. I will never be broken by your untruths. Only Raila will get more billions in your blind idiocy. You are pawns. Pathetic pawns who don’t know that your poverty and buffoonery is Raila’s wealth..”

“I will vote for President Uhuru whether you kithni (like it) or ndekni (not). Kama inauma, BURST!!!!!”

He told Parents Magazine Lily Rono that what he does is a calling:

“…I am a lover of justice. What I do is a calling that even I can’t stop if I wanted to”, he continued “I inform Kenyans as they have a right to know what their leaders are doing. I am serving the nation by asking questions people are afraid to ask and by exposing corrupt individuals,” part of the interview reads.

Changing Tune And Directs Energy In Support Of Handshake Between Uhuru And Raila

After bashing Raila Odinga, the blogger changed tune and is now his number one supporter. He heaps praises at the ODM leader and is ready with missives directed at his political nemesis DP William Ruto.

International Acclaim

Alai is not all politics. In 2013, the blogger extraordinaire was the main source of unfiltered news when the Westgate came under attack from Al Shabaab terrorists. His timely updates earned him local and international acclaim.
During the post election violence in 2007/08 that nearly brought Kenya to its knees, Alai used his presence on social media to inform Kenyans in the diaspora was what happening back home.

Businesses he owns
Robert Alai has an entrepreneurial streak, apart from being a cyber activist. Before he plunged into the world of blogging, Alai started a mailing list for job opportunities that attracted torrents of subscribers . He registered the mailing list as Kazi Africa and sold it.

Bidii Africa
Another mailing list that proved to be successful was Bidii Africa. Alai was offered a good deal and let it go.

My African Career
Was strictly a career site-unlike Bidii and Kazi Africa that allowed matters of politics to be discussed. It grew and-like his two other projects-he sold it.

Current businesses he owns


Kawatungu is one most popular blogs in Kenya. Its global rank on Alexa is 90,858 and 212 in Kenya. This blog can easily be top 50 if its ranking were certified on Alexa.

The company offers IT consultancy services and digital media marketing services.

Social media
Robert Alai makes good money-especially during the last electioneering period. He was in the propaganda machinery of President Uhuru Kenyatta and he did a pretty good job at it.

How much does he make?
His blogger, Kawatungu.com, rakes just about US$1,500 (kes150,000) and US$2,000 (kes200,000) on google ads per month.

Robert Alai bio

Age: 40
Was born and raised in Nyandom Kisumu county
Grew up in a polygamous family’
Pupil at Boya and Onjiko primary
Onjiko Boys High School
Sat for KCSE in 1998 at Lela Secondary school
Studied IT at Africa Virtual Technology
Kenya School of Monetary Studies-diploma in Information Management System


Robert Alai is married to Beverly Madowo. The couple have a 5 year old daughter. The blogger’s mother passed away in 1990. He shared this on social media regarding his mother’s death:

Robert Alai Biography, Businesses He Owns And
Alai shared an article appearing on the Times Recounting The Death Of Her Family Members Image/FB
A day like this in 1990, I lost many of my relatives in an accident involving Matongo Express which was plying the Kisii route.
The family members were traveling from a funeral in South Nyanza.
I lost my mother, grand mothers and many other relatives.
7th May has always been a day we remember them.
I would love to meet this journalist called Stan Luchebeli who wrote the article.
31 painful years, 11,323 days full of ups and down. 372 months of happiness and sorrows.
RIP all.

United Nations Mission in Congo (MONUC) as logistic officer until 2007.
Married to Beverly Madowo and the couple is blessed with a daughter, Yucabeth.

Robert Alai networth

His networth will be updated. Alai lives in a rented house in Nyayo estate. He is the chairman of the Nyayo Estate Residents Association (NERA), tasked with ensuring the residents have a conducive environment.