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Robert Owiti: My Family Celebrated When I Scored D Plain In KCSE, They Expected ‘E’ From Me

He repeated classes four times: twice in primary school and twice in secondary school. This was attributable to his learning difficulties leading his family to firmly believe he would at best score a mean grade of E in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams. 

Speaking to the Daily Nation, Robert Owiti recalled how a teacher told him he would not amount to much in life. 

Even with the poor grades, Owiti excelled in co-curricular activities. He relocated to the US after winning the green card lottery.

Here is his story as told by WoK


Sharing his journey on the leading daily, the 31 year old recounted how life was bumpy because he was disadvantaged academically. 

He recounted how a teacher told his grandmother that he would end up a beggar. 

“My grandmother, who believed in me, calmly told the teacher that even if I did become a beggar, I would only beg from my own people and not from him”, he told DN. 

Robert sat for his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education in 2007 and performed dismally. He repeated the class. Owiti was to join Otieno Oyoo Secondary School in Kisumu county. 

Drama and music 

While his struggles with academics was an open secret among teachers and students, he thrived in music and drama making him a popular figure among his classmates. 

He pointed out that a section of teachers encouraged him to develop his passion. His biggest support came from his mother and aunts. 

She singled out Dr Beatrice Owiti, then a high school teacher before becoming a don, who identified with his struggles. 

He said this of her aunt, 

“…when we were registering for the KCSE exams and some teachers wanted me to be registered in another school, arguing that my marks would negatively affect the school’s average”, he told DN. 

“…Dr Owiti came to the rescue reading the teachers the riot act and insisting that I write the exams in my school. She won the day”, Robert added. 

It is this same aunt who successfully applied for his Green Card. He relocated to the US in September 2019. 

Kabuda Power Fitness

After he quit the bottle, Robert Owiti set up a fitness company in the US known as Kabuda Power Fitness. He got support from his church-Hosana Gospel Centre-who gave him space to operate.

“…My business is doing well and I believe that in time I will outgrow the church studio and get a bigger space”.

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