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Roseline Atieno: Viral Nanny Who Escaped A Difficult Marriage, Found Love With A Lebanese Family

In Summary

  • Roseline Atieno became an internet sensation following an emotional departure from Lebanon where she worked as a nanny.
  • She had built a strong bond with her employers’ children that made her overwhelmed with emotions at the airport.

Lets keep on spreading humanity and let’s spread love. If you work with anyone, just do good, be humble and loveable“- these are the words from Kenyan nanny Roseline Atieno after her departure from Lebanon became emotional and went viral on the blogosphere.

And after becoming an online sensation, Atieno has now shed light on her life, employment and the business she intends to engage with.

Here is the story as told by WoK:

Failed Marriage

Rosie hails from Rarieda in Siaya County.

She is a mother of three children: 2 boys and a girl. According to her, she resorted to seek greener pastures in the Gulf after her marriage crumpled.

I was in marriage. After it was not working out, I decided to look for greener pastures to be able to stabilize the lives of my kids,” she says.

Working as a nanny in Lebanon

She left Kenya in October, 2021 to work as a nanny in Lebanon. With heartbreaking narrations of Kenyan employees being mistreated in the Middle East, she reveals that she was praying to get an employer who is kind.

I was scared but was praying so hard to get a house that has kind-hearted people and luckily God answered my prayers,” she told Presenter Ali in a recent interview.

Her prayers were answered as she was impressed with her employers on first sight.

Despite the Lebanese couple being popular content creators, Atieno reveals that everything was normal working with them. She was taking care of 4 children whom she says appreciated her work and treated her like their parents.

Emotional departure

The children she was taking care of were emotional at the airport. [Photo|Courtesy]

After two years, she decided to come back to Kenya and reunite with her family. But her departure wouldn’t be a normal one.

It was a tearful goodbye as the children clutched on to Rosie, pleading with her not to leave, a matter that drew attention from other travellers at the airport.

Rosie was overcome by emotions. In a recent interview, she says the airport incident was full of ambivalence.

On one hand I was happy coming to meet my family while on the other I was feeling sad because I was leaving the kids I had been living with for two years and they were treating me as their parents,” she says.

Starting business in Kenya

Following the viral incident, Expeditions Maasai Safaris founder Pancras Karema has offered a free Maasai Mara tour for Atieno.

Roseline Atieno has revealed that she’s currently running a gym wear business. She has promised to go back to Lebanon even as her ex employers find it difficult to get another nanny to care for their children the way she did.

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