Ruiru Boda Boda Association: Riders Buy Five Acres Of Land From Ksh 50 Daily Contributions

Some time in 2020, over 200 boda boda riders under the Ruiru Boda Boda Association came together in a bid to actualize their dream to be land owners.

Under the leadership of their chairman, the association agreed to make daily contributions of Ksh 50.

The group entered a partnership deal with Kamuthi Housing Cooperative Society where they set up a savings account.

According to Ruiru Boda Boda Association Chairman, Lawrence Kariuki, all members of the association were compelled to make the contributions daily.

From contributions made over the years, the boda boda association has been able to buy five acres of land.

“We would contribute Ksh 300 each every week, and the money has now enabled us to get land for ourselves,” Kariuki said.

He urged his colleagues across the country to embrace the saving culture.

“I would like to urge boda boda operators across the country to come together and contribute money for a good cause,” he added.

As earlier reported on WoK, Paul Kiarie, a Boda Boda rider, built a house using savings from the business.

The 28-year-old moved into his new house with his family on January 10, 2023 from a mabati house that they lived together.

He noted that he started the construction of the two-bedroom house with Ksh 10,000, adding that he could not save large sums of money because he could be tempted.

“I had saved up to Ksh 30,000 earlier but ended up taking my family to Mombasa and went back to zero,” Paul recalled.

In a bid to save to save more money, Paul moved his family from a Ksh 5,000 house to a Ksh 4,000 one-roomed.

They lived in the house for a while before moving to an iron sheet house where they lived until the construction of his house was completed.

Paul got the initial building material which included 800 blocks which cost Ksh 43,000, a lorry of red sand and black sand which cost Ksh 16,000 and 9,000 respectively.

He paid for the materials in installments.

The house boasts an open kitchen, sunken lounge and a bathroom.

He also dug a 35-feet borehole for water supply and installed a solar system to avoid electricity bills.