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Sammy Ngare Ondimu Biography, Age, Career, Family and Philanthropy 

By Prudence Minayo

Police have been accused of being too overzealous when discharging their duties. Cases of police brutality have been reported and aired both on the mainstream media and social media platforms. This has brought a taint to the profession with many people believing that police officers are just generally inhumane, lack compassion and common sense. However, people often forget that in any society and profession there are good and bad apples. Yes, cruel officers exist but the vice versa is also true and it is unfair to judge a whole police service based on a few rotten apples. 

Sammy Ngare is one noble administration police officer whose actions should be emulated by his fellow law enforcers and the general public. He has over the years broken the popular notion that police officers are just cruel. If after listening to his story and seeing the things he has done for the society, you still think all police officers are cruel then you are just a cynic. This is a man not just interested in doing his duties as a cop but also keen on improving the lives of those in need. He has transformed the lives of so many people and given hope to those who would otherwise have given up.   


The corporal is 41-years-old. He was born in 1980. 


Ngare, who is also a renowned musician, has worked as an administrative police officer in different parts of the country including Turkana. His move to Turkana was not an easy one as he had to leave his family and go to a region known for how volatile it can be. Not only did he go there but he also transformed the lives of those he met. 

When he is not busy with his duties as a corporal, he submerges himself in music. Over the years, he has recorded a number of soul touching songs whose main purpose is to give hope and educate the masses. For example, he released the album Askari ni binadamu years ago to educate the public about wrong notions about officers. The song reinforced the message that police officers are husbands, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and just normal humans who should not be treated differently. 

Ngare Is Also Passionate About Music Image/Courtesy

The album went on to sell 2000 copies in the first two months of its release:

“I am happy that there are a section of people who love and appreciate my music. That is a sign that I am headed in the right direction,” a proud Ngare told the media of this big achievement. 

In 2013, Ngare released a six track album titled ‘Kilio Baragoi’ in memory of 42 officers and reservists who were mauled by rustlers bullets in Baragoi, Samburu County as they attempted to recover stolen cattles from the miscreants. He told the Standard of the album that fused all genres:

“I was touched by the brutal – inhuman acts set upon fellow officers and grief felt by their families. This inspired me to do the song that would linger in the minds of Kenyans for while considering our forgetful nature…” 

Sammy Ngare Ondimu Biography, Age, Career, Family and Philanthropy 
Sammy Ngare Ondimu Is A Proud Family Man Image/Courtesy


Sammy is married to Nellie Ondimu and the couple is blessed with three daughters. While everyone was rushing to Naivasha to watch the safari rally, Ondimu took his wife on a getaway to celebrate their 17th anniversary. He showered her with praises, thanking her for all the support she has given him.

“Your tender love and care is immense. Your support and understanding is immeasurable. As they say, the best thing to hold onto is each other . Happy birthday Nellie Ondimu aka mama 3Gs aka Dodoise and happy 17th anniversary to us. We love you,” he partly wrote.  


What really brought him fame to Ngare is his philanthropic ways. Growing up in a poor family that could barely scrape together two meals a day, he understands how it feels to have nothing. Therefore, he has dedicated his life to help the needy in the community. 

From building a home to his neighbour’s orphaned children, visiting hospitals and helping those in need of financial assistance, to running a rescue for those with nowhere to go, what hasn’t he done?

Sammy Ngare Ondimu Biography, Age, Career, Family and Philanthropy 
Sammy Ngare Ondimu Doing What He Does Best Image/Courtesy

In 2020, he built a house for children who had been orphaned and were living in deplorable conditions. Reaching out to well wishers and friends, he was able to raise enough money to build a house for the children.

For a number of years, he has been running a rescue facility in Nakuru’s Rongai region where he takes underprivileged children. He provides them with food, shelter and takes them through school with the help of well wishers. They have even been able to enroll a few to university.

While in Kibish, Turkana, he immersed himself into the lives of the locals and was able to help girls go to school. He was also able to help a woman build a house and although she later died, at least she died a happy woman. 

At one time, he also rallied the public to help a young teenage mum who had been abandoned at the hospital by family due to the large hospital debts. He not only wanted her out of the hospital but he also wanted the girl to be able to go back to school. 

Apart from all this, he loves mentoring young school children and has visited a number of schools to talk to the children.