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HomecareerSamuel Mulwa: The Kenyan Making Sh180K Weekly In US Driving Trucks

Samuel Mulwa: The Kenyan Making Sh180K Weekly In US Driving Trucks

Samuel Mulwa is among a host of young Kenyans in the United States of America making good money from truck driving.

Mulwa moved to the US and ventured into truck driving in 2020 after a friend’s advice and he is now making an average of KSh 180,000 per week.

Here is the story of Mulwa as told by WoK.

In an interview with El and Nic on YouTube, Mulwa disclosed that he first joined the medical field after moving to the US.


However, after an interaction with his friend who worked in the trucking industry for over six years, he was convinced to venture into the transport industry.

Samuel Mulwa then joined a trucking school and upon taking his test, he was instructed to work with an experienced trucker for a few weeks before he could be allowed to drive around on his own.

“I joined a trucking school and attended a five-week programme. I paid Ksh447,000 and was trained on the basics of the program,” he said.

The Pay

Later on, Mulwa was able to drive trucks without a trainer and he would earn an average of Ksh 180,000 per week in his first year.

“The pay is dependent on the experience. Definitely is very rewarding. When you drive for five days a week and you get an average of Ksh178,000 and after tax that will be around Ksh155,000,” he added.

Mulwa also noted that driving trucks around the US is not east as many people would imagine, further asking people to follow their passion rather than focusing on money.

“It was scary because reversing is very difficult. On the highway, you just have to check the side mirrors. Not everyone can drive but it is very rewarding. One of the greatest challenges is the weather. The wind here can be crazy at times,” Samuel Mulwa said.

Adding; “You have to love what to do because it is rewarding. Do not focus on money. You can imagine driving for 5000 kilometres.”