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Schools Attended By Young Kenyan Celebrities

By Isaac Blessings

Kenya has in recent years seen an increased rise of young celebrities. From comedians to spoken word artists, TV presenters and musicians, these young people have taken the entertainment industry by storm. Juggling popularity and education can prove to be a hard task but these lads have evidently shown that it is possible. Most Kenyans have always wondered the kind of schools these young celebrities attend.

Worry no more because in this article, WoK takes a look at the schools attended by young Kenyan celebrities.

Trio Mio

TJ Mario famously known as Trio Mio is a 18 year old musician based in Nairobi. He first joined the music industry in 2020 during the pandemic when he was only 15 years. His first song titled ‘Cheza Kama Wewe’ went viral on social media prompting legendary artists like Mejja and Khaligraph Jones to jump in the remix of the song. Since then Trio Mio has been dropping banger anthems with his latest one being the famous ‘Sipangwingwi’ hit song. He is currently in Form 3 at Machakos Boys High School in Machakos County.

New reports indicate that he is now being homeschooled.

Appearing on The Trend with Nameless and a host of other artists to promote ‘Bandana Ya Esir’, Trio Mio was put on the spot by the host Amina Rabar Abdi to clarify if he ever goes to school. His curtly replied:

“I do homeschooling”

“Let people just know that I am at school but the truth is I am at home, schooling,” he said.

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TT Comedian

Terence Mwamadi famously known as TT Comedian is one of the youngest celebrities in Kenya. The 6 years old has taken the comedy industry by storm within just a few years. TT has over 104 million views on YouTube, 43k followers on instagram and 1.6 million on Facebook. The Comedian is currently in Nursery school at Learning Kids Academy situated in Starehe Constituency.

Comedian Onsongo

Abraham Onsongo is a young comedian from the interior village of Rigoma, Nyamira County. The comedian began his journey by recording short comedy skits and uploading them on social media. Slowly by slowly the skits began going viral and within no time, he had built a brand name in the comic industry. The 10 year old has since then become consistent in uploading his hilarious videos on his various social media platforms attracting a huge following. He currently has over 136k subscribers on YouTube, 10k followers on Facebook and 2k on instagram and twitter. He is in Grade 4 at Zana Junior Academy situated in Gachuba, Nyamira County.

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Socks Ya Mkamba

Socks Ya Mkamba is a Kenyan comedian who mainly does short hilarious skits on social media. She was first introduced to Kenyans by veteran comedian – Chipukeezy in the Chipukeezy show that aired on Ebru television. The high-schooler has since then worked hard and pushed herself to consistently develop content whenever they break for holidays. He currently has over 45k followers on instagram where she mainly posts her videos. The 17 year old is currently in Form 4 at Ngara girls high school.

Ladasha Belle

Ladasha Wambui Belle is the daughter of gospel musician turned pastor Size 8 and gospel selector Dj Moh. The 6 year old was among the first celebrity’s children to possess social media accounts which were managed by her parents. The instagram account opened just a few hours after being born in 2015 currently has over 427k followers. She has previously participated in adverts and social media campaigns and recently won the Most Stylish Kid Celebrity Girl of the Year in the East Africa Fashion Awards. The 6 year old attends Montessori Learning Centre where it is said to cost the parents Ksh 700k per term.

Bridget Bema

Bridget Bema who is considered as the ‘Emmanuela of Kenya’ is a 10 year old Kenyan comedian. She first became famous after one of her short comic videos went viral on the internet and trended on twitter for a whole week. The hilarious girl plays a character of a stubborn primary school student which most people can relate to since they’ve been there before. The girl who is the younger sister to Churchill show comedian YY has since then been consistent in content creation building a name for herself in the comedy industry. She currently has over 44k followers on instagram and 93k subscribers on YouTube. She is currently a grade 5 student at Leisure Academy in Oyugis, Homa Bay County.

Blessed Tugi

Blessed Tugi is a son of comedian Njugush and Celestine Ndinda who is famously known as ‘Wakavinye.’ The young kid seems to be following the footsteps of his dad into the comedy field. His father records short skits of his son just being himself and the internet loves the humorous character of the five year old kid. He has accordingly gained a huge following across the internet with over 136k subscribers on YouTube where the videos are uploaded. The 5 year old kid is currently in nursery at Soul Mercy Academy in Ruiru, Kiambu County.