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Seven TV Programs Watched By Millions Of Kenyans Produced By Rashid Abdalla And Lulu Hassan 

By Prudence Minayo

The multi-talented Rashid Abdalla and his equally gifted wife Lulu Hassan have made reading news fun to watch. Apart from anchoring news, the dynamic duo are behind some of the most popular TV shows on Kenya TV. Through their production company, Jiffy Pictures, they have worked on commercials and tantalising drama series that have attracted millions of viewers.

Here are the Swahili telenovela shows produced by the couple as listed by WoK.


The show takes the viewers through the life of Aziza, who comes from a humble background but wants to improve her life. Her parents are against her dream of becoming a singer, therefore, she takes gigs at clubs while keeping it a secret from her parents. The show which was aired on Citizen TV, ended in January 2019. The main actor is musician Sanaipei Tande who plays the role of Aziza. 



Maria grew to become one of the most watched television series in Kenya. Yasmin Said played the role of Maria, a young woman who was raised in the ghetto after loosing her parents. She is taken in by a rich man and a love blossoms between her and the man’s son. The intricately woven plot was full of twists and turns that kept viewers glued to their screens.


The story revolves around the life of Zora, a mother and wife dealing with various family problems. Her husband is called Fella and the son is Simba. Amidst being scolded by her mother every other time and trying to deal with family issues, the story takes a twist when Madiba is introduced in the picture. The story, which aired on citizen TV, unlike its predecessor Maria featured a number of veteran actors including Sara Hassan, Jackie Matubia, Bridget Shighadi and Robert Agengo. 


The show is about a young girl who despite being born in a royal family, lives in a poor background. Her father’s desire for a boy was met with disappointment after his wife gave birth to a girl. The babies are switched and the girl, who is blind, is raised by the midwife. She fights for her place in society even amidst all the challenges she faces including poverty , rejection and an unwanted pregnancy.


Moyo is an interesting drama featuring a rich realtor, Shekuwe, who is married to an evil woman named Momo. Momo has a lot of secrets and their daughter Leila, an aspiring fashion designer who is a brat. 

The family’s fortune is threatened and to salvage it Shekuwe has to marry a very quiet girl who seems to be a pushover. Momo is unimpressed and promises to cause havoc for them. 


Leila, a wife and a mother to Maya and Badi disappears one day throwing her family into turmoil. They still nurture the hope that she would go back home one day but after 10 years, she is declared dead. Kate, her friend and the one responsible for her disappearances, takes Leila’s place leading to a lot of turmoil in the family. 


Kovu, which means scar, is a drama series featuring the Hazes, a rich family who seem to have it all. The family have just relocated to Kenya from Tanzania and are living large with mansions and choppers but beneath all the glitter, lies secrets and lies that begin to pull the family apart. The mother has a deep hatred for her first born daughter which leaves many wondering about the cause. The sensational drama was a hit among numerous Kenyans.