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HomenewsSheila Wegesha: Nairobi Businesswoman Found Dead in Bed

Sheila Wegesha: Nairobi Businesswoman Found Dead in Bed

Sheila Wegesha
Sheila Wegesha and her husband Jack Bamboo. Photo/Sheila Wegesha Facebook

A young businesswoman has allegedly been killed by her husband after a domestic dispute.

Sheila Wegesha was allegedly murdered by her husband Jack Bamboo who is a director of Uriri Light Academy.

The body of Sheila was found in bed at the couple’s Hill View estate home.

Sources told WoK that Sheila’s teenage daughter found the body and raised the alarm.

The body had deep cuts in the throat with blood soaking the bed.

The couple owned JB Liqueur Lounge in Umoja which is popular with Ohangla music fans.

According to reports, the couple had a strained relationship caused by infidelity.

Jack and his wife were well-known in the Ohangla music scene and would share their affection and love in public.

Sheila according to sources was popular on social media and would use platforms like Facebook and TikTok to promote their JB Liqueur Lounge.

The late businesswoman was also an Ohangla dancer and would share videos of dancing on social media.

Her death has led to outrage with netizens demanding justice.

Among Kenyans who have expressed shock over the killings are:

Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo, actress Sandra Dacha and singer Wuod Fibi.

“I have seen online posts of the murder of a lady, allegedly at the hands of the husband Jack Bamboo. I commend the police for the quick action taken to arrest the alleged culprit,”

“My advice to married couples- if you are angry at your spouse, create physical distance and get a third older and responsible adult to mediate. If you can not work it out, separate or divorce. The law allows both. There is no need to ruin the lives of many including yours,” Millie Odhiambo said.

“Ndoa ikikataa, muachane tu in peace. Kila mtu aendelee na maisha yake. I still can’t understand hii mambo ya Jack Bamboo na Sheila Nyasuba,” Wuod Fibi advised.