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Sifa Investment Ltd: Company Behind Transportation Of Viral Mammoth Cargo From Mombasa To Malaba

In Summary

  • The company has run numerous advertisements on local dailies asking motorists to exercise extra caution whenever they transport out-of-gauge cargo.
  • It is headquartered at Old Port Reitz Road in Mombasa and has an annual turnover of over $6 million

When it ran an advertisement on local dailies asking road users to exercise extra caution due to a mammoth cargo, Sifa Investment Limited did not expect the matter to become an internet sensation.

All users using this road are requested to exercise extra care and caution in the vicinity convoy from February 8, 2024 to March 31 2024,” read the newspaper ad.

It is this notice that fueled the curiosity of Kenyans regarding the huge consignment which would be taking almost two months on the roads.

This was not the first time the firm had warned road users of its consignment as it has over 30 years of experience in transportation of out-of-gauge cargo. The mammoth consignment was way past 3 metres wide and 3 metres long.

It measured 6.2 metres wide and 6.5 metres and was well covered to not only conceal it but to offer protection while on transit.

Kenya Power reveals consignment identity

But with the cargo had largely remaining mysterious, it is the Kenya Power and Lighting Company whic revealed that it was a ship. The company took to social media to take pride in helping with the passage of the freight past low hanging live wires.

“Our technical teams across the Kenya-Uganda corridor successfully provided a safe passage for the delivery of the mammoth cargo, a ship that left Mombasa 23 days ago,” posted Kenya Power on Facebook.

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As it snaked its way from KPA to Malaba, Kenyans took on social media to update one another on the destination of the abnormal load nicknamed Mnyama by netizens.

In this article, WoK takes a look at the transport and logistics company behind transportation of the huge cargo.

Sifa Investments Limited

According to their website, the company is over thirty years old and began as AK Abdulgani Transporters before it rebranded to Sifa Investment Limited in 2008.

Currently, Sifa Investment has over 55 trucks, 20 3&4 axle low loaders and 3 extensible semi trailers.

It has over 150 permanent employees and boasts of an annual turnover of around $ 6 million.

Services offered

The company deals in bulk oils, petroleum products and general cargo transportation. They also transport containers and machinery which weigh up to 75 mt.

With hauling of such heavy consignment, Sifa Investment has acquired powerful trucks rated at over 600 horsepower.

Additionally, the Mombasa-based firm deals in project transportation planning in which it assists clients in calculating the exact number of truck loads required to uplift cargo project.

Handling out-of-gauge cargo is also in their portfolio and every time they do this, the company has endeared to caution other road users of the abnormal load.