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Simeon Nyachae Net Worth, Biography, Businesses And Family

By Sagini
Simeon Nyachae was born to the then most powerful leader and colonial chief Musa Nyandusi, on 6th February 1932 in Kisii County. Raised in a polygamous family, the young Nyachae was his father’s favorite. He is a father, a former politician, and an entrepreneur.

Simeon Nyachae Biography
He attended Nyanchwa Seventh-day Adventist School in 1941 for his pre-school and later joined Kereri intermediate School in 1947. In 1949, he joined Kisii Government African School, where he did his O-Level exam. He made a decision not to continue to do his A-Level studies and was employed by his father as a district clerk. A few years later, he went to the United Kingdom to proceed with his studies. He attended Churchill College, Cambridge, and Torquay Academy. At Churchill College, he studied public administration was offered a diploma after graduating.

Nyachae doubles up as a politician and an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, he started small by opening a small bakery in Kisii town in his own building, Sansora holdings, and to date, he runs one among the very successful bakery business in Kenya called Sansora Bakers and Confectioners.

“The genius of niches is they are too small for large competitors, allowing a nimble entrepreneur the breathing room to focus on an underserved audience. Once you’ve succeeded in that niche, you can leverage your success to establish credibility for your business to move into larger markets.”

― Rob Walling, Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer’s Guide to Launching a Startup

Before Nyachae joined politics, he worked as a civil servant from 1963, where he drew most of his work experience from, as he was working in the government as a public servant.
88-year-old Simeon Nyachae entered into politics in the 1980s, where he vied for a parliamentary seat in 1992 and won. During this time, he became president Moi’s favorite and got appointed as a cabinet for Agriculture and later on for Finance.

The former powerful cabinet minister in President Daniel Moi government is among the biggest investors who have had shares in the former CBA Group that later came to be NCBA Group after merging with NIC Group. NIC Group is among the top-ranked companies in Kenya, which is also listed on the Nairobi Securities Stock Exchange.

His other source of wealth includes real estate, transportation, banking, manufacturing, and Agriculture. Simeon Nyachae owns a ranch in Australia and a tea farm in both South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The former presidential candidate is in a polygamous marriage. He has four wives and 20 children.

Grace Wamuyu Nyachae: Out Nyachae’s wives, Wamuyu is the most recognizable having worked at State House as Mzee Jomo Kenyatta secretary. She graduated in 1969 from Government Secretary College. The couple have four children together.

Nyachae’s Children
Charles Nyachae (eldest)-The most recognized of the Nyachae children. He is a UK trained lawyer.
Leon Nyandusi (architect, England)
Moses Nyandusi (accountant, England)
Angela, Esther, Eric, Pauline and engineer Lee Nyachae (of Lee Construction)
Lawyer Michael Nyachae
Judy Nyachae- Export Processing Zone board
Kenneth Nyachae-Kenya Civil Aviation Authority board
Wanjiku Nyachae daughter of Grace Wanjiku-Sansora Group

Net Worth
Simeon Nyachae’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million.