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Starehe Boys Centre Board Of Directors

Bulk of top performers in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) where from Starehe Boys Centre. It was the envy of many candidates sitting for their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) until its decline started after the death of the institution co-founder and director Dr Geoffrey Griffin in 2005. The demise of Griffin and entry of Mr Charles Masheti as director opened the door to ‘its our time to eat’ Kenyan syndrome. From one of the most prestigious institution in Kenya, Starehe was reduced into an academic dwarf where thievery thrived.

Pressure from donors forced the managing committee to fire Masheti barely six months after his appointment. The interim director is Josephat Mwaura. The letter from the MC read:

“I am writing to update you on a decision taken by the Managing Committee of Starehe Boys Centre and the school to terminate the employment of Director Charles Masheti with effect from April 25, 2018…”

Role of Managing Committee
Starehe Boys has a Managing Committee that is charged with the control of the entire institution affairs. According to the institution official website, the MC is mandated “to oversee governance of the institution and the entire operations of the centre. The Managing Committee appoints members of the Board of Trustees.”

List of Members of Managing Committee

Mr. David Mureithi Chairman
Mr. Masaku Muiya Secretary
Mr. Josphat Mwaura Member
Mr. Muratha Kinuthia Member
Sr. Jane Soita Member
Mr. Raymond Rono Member
Mr. Jarret Odwallo Member
Mr. Muratha Kinuthia Member
Dr. Isabella M. Kamere Member
Mr. Waheed Sheikh Member
Sara I. Njuguna Member

Role of Board Of Trustees
It is mandated with custody of the land, buildings and assets of the Centre.

Here are the Board of Trustees

Eng. Patrick Obath              Chairman
Mr. Evanson Mwaniki        Member
Mr. Waheed Sheikh             Member
Mr. George Maina                Member
Mr. Donald Kibera               Member
Mr. Phillip Ole Perrio         Member