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State House: Year It Was Built, First Tenant, The Designer Of The Building And Acreage It Occupies

State House Nairobi is one of the most fascinating addresses in Kenya. The imposing building serves as the official residence of the president of the republic of Kenya. 

WoK looks at its rich history dating back in 1907. 

Government House

Before it was renamed State House, the house on the hill was known as Government House then occupied by the governor. 

The first governor’s residence was constructed in Mombasa in 1879 before it was moved to its new address in Nairobi. 

The official residence of the then governor of British East Africa was built 117 years ago when Kenya was under the yoke of the British Empire. 

Renaming Government House

When Kenya gained independence, Government House was renamed State House. It was during the tenure of former President Uhuru Kenyatta and his predecessor William Ruto that State House became more open to the public. 

The imposing all white building stands on a 3-square-kilometre (300 ha; 740-acre) piece of land.

Architect behind the building 

The building was designed by British architect Sir Herbert Baker. 

State House Renovation

After a century plus, State House is set to undergo massive renovations. Already, a pavilion that can host upto 1,500 people has been constructed with offices that the president can use to hold small meetings with visiting dignitaries. 

Recommendation had been made by architects to construct a new building since the current colonial structure was unfit for habitation. The renovations include firming up of the walls, pillar and sections of the roof.

State Lodges

The president has other official lodges spread across the county where he can spend the night and hold important meetings.

These lodges are in Kisii, Sagana, Eldoret, Kisumu, Kakamega, Kitale town, Rumuruti and Cheran’gany.

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