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Stores In Kenya Where You Can Legally Buy A Gun

By Prudence Minayo

Guns are used by the police to fight crime and as a show of force. Civilians are legally acquiring guns for personal protection while others have taken up gun shooting as a sport. The guns can be bought in a select number of stores that have been vetted and licensed by the government. Before acquiring a gun you must met stringent conditions set by the relevant authorities (read: How to Become a Licensed Gun Owner in Kenya

Below is a list of a number of stores in Kenya where you legally buy a gun. 

Kenya Bunduki Ltd 

This is a licensed firearms store licensed to hold up to 1600 firearms and 500,000 rounds of assorted ammunition at any one time. Kenya Bunduki is one of the oldest gun shops in East Africa having been established in 1921. It was established to provide the essential service of selling firearms and accessories including ammunition. The company has been an authorized Ministry of Defense contractor and has been involved in various highly successful programs. 

The company also provides maintenance and repair services at its premises at Watermark Business Park in Karen, Nairobi. 

Deftech Ltd 

They are a specialist defense equipment company that began operations in the country in 2001. They have a team of experienced professional security personnel and a highly secured 1000 square feet armoury for storage and stocks of arms and ammunition. They supply defense related items subject to a country’s  specific import and export regulations and serve government departments, private industries and licensed individuals. Deftech also offers training programs on handguns from novice to advanced level. 

JJ Okwaro & Co. Ltd 

This is a licensed firearms dealer in the country with a custom shop and state of the art indoor training facilities. The family-run dealership opened its doors in 1977 and has a team of experienced and professional security personnel. 

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Armaments Limited 

They are a security supplies and consultancy company. Armaments are also registered firearms dealers and also certified security consultants. They provide comprehensive training and advice related to security. Their qualifications are among the best in the world in the protection field. The MD holds a diploma from Israel in protection. 

They offer all types of weapons, surveillance equipment, optical equipment, police and military supplies and accessories with their manufacturers being Gilboa, Sig Sauer and Glock. 


They aim to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective equipment with rigorous focus on quality. The company carries products from global leaders in the manufacture of firearms and accessories. AMMODUMP also offer turnkey solutions and complete backup of spare parts for the equipment they supply. They are located in Church road, Westland’s, Nairobi.