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Swit Maggy Biography, Real Name, Family & Dancing Career

Known as the Kamba dance queen, Swit Maggy is a woman who has gained fame courtesy of her dance moves and her emceeing skills. She is hired in events mostly in Ukambani, Nairobi and Kiambu. One thing for certain is that she never disappoints – Swit Maggy is the  complete package that comes with irresistible gyrating moves and a bewitching smile.

Swit Maggy Biography, Real Name, Family & Dancing Career
Swit Maggy Image/Courtesy

On her YouTube channel, she has amassed a whooping 6.93 million views and has 34.4k subscribers. As a woman who is inseparable from dancing, she says that it gives her heart the best nourishment in the world.

Real Name 

Her real name is Margaret Mwikali and she was born and raised Machakos. She celebrates her birthday on 23rd February but has never disclosed her real age. However, in a 2019 interview with Atongoi TV,  she hinted that she was almost 40 by then.


The dance queen is married and describes her husband as a calm man who has no issue with her dancing.

A photogrid of Swit Maggy with her husband and first born daughter


Mwikali is a mother of 3 daughters. Her first born identifies herself as Feiy Kiki, and she’s a medic. The second born is 17 while the last born called Precious is 6 years old.


She was previously thought to be a nurse. Swit Maggy confirmed that she is in the medical field, though she didn’t mention her exact profession. However, going by the photos she shared on social media, it is assumed that she works at Pangani Dental Clinic in Nairobi.

Dancing Career

Swit Maggy disclosed to Atongoi TV that she started dancing at a tender age before she began doing it in various women groups where she was a member. She doesn’t charge her group members but in case one wants to hire her for an event, she asks for payment.

“From my childhood, I like music and for me music comes with dancing. Whenever I hear lively music, I’m prompted to dance,” she said.

Mwikali also revealed that her parents have no problem with her dancing and she even does it in front of them. Additionally, she gets support from the daughters who understand that it is her passion.

“They all encourage me in all that I do because they know mama likes dancing , no one among them has problems with my dancing,” she stated.