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Ten Most Violent And  Vulgar Politicians In Kenya 

By Prudence Minayo

Political leaders are called honourable for a reason although most don’t deserve such a title. Legislators exchanging blows in public or inciting the citizenry to engage in acts of violence is not news in Kenya. The electorate is seemingly keen on electing brawn over brains and this is manifest on how the country is run. This writer takes a look at leaders who are synonymous with violence. 

Mike ‘Mbuvi’ Sonko 

Former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko is a man under siege courtesy of his natty shenanigans. Apart from his untoward behavior of recording conversations held in private and confidence, the ex-county boss is known for using unsavoury words on his real and perceived enemies. He has used words not befitting a man of his status. Mbuvi is now cooling his heels in Gigiri Police Station and his bravado was badly exposed when he cried during his court appearance. The leader is also known for his violent streak. He has punched walls and slapped a man in public for whatever reason. 

Ferdinand Waititu 

The ex-Kiambu governor is now an ordinary Kenyan trying to win favor with the powers that be. Waititu has had a checkered past. In 2012-when he was Embakasi MP- he made remarks targeting the Maa community. In an audio that was played in leading media houses, the Waititu was heard saying:

“We don’t want to see any Maasai here in Kayole,” 

“And to all people who employed Maasai, to sack them with immediate effect.”

Babu Owino 

The Embakasi East Constituency Babu Owino would not be in any leadership position if his character is anything to go by. He nearly shot dead DJ Evolve-who happened to be his friend-after an altercation at B-Club. Apart from this murderous behavior, Babu is known for his vulgar language. 

Aisha Jumwa 

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa is one of the most visible politicians in the country. She has made her name for herself as a staunch supporter of deputy president William Ruto. The MP together with her lover were accused with the murder of Gumbao Jola during a by-election in 2019. The legislator is known for using language laced with sexual innuendos in her speeches. 

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Moses Kuria

Another acerbic politician who is not supposed to be anywhere near power. He has in the past captured on camera inciting youths to use machetes to slash those opposing the National Youth Service program. At one time, Mbita MP Millie Odhiambo she was boxed on the eye by the Gatundu South MP. 

Simba Arati 

The Dagoretti North MP Simba Arati is a man who seems to be quick with his fist if the ‘beating’ he meted on his South Mugirango counterpart Silvanus Osoro is anything to go by. The two legislators squared it out during a funeral service. Read separate story: 

Silvanus Osoro

He jumped to the podium to cut short a speech by Simba Arati who was attacking deputy president William Ruto. A near full blown fight nearly erupted if it was not for security that calmed the two parliamentarians. This is not the first time the two legislators are engaging in acts of violence. 

Millie Odhiambo

The fiery Mbita MP is known for assertiveness especially when it comes to defending ODM leader Raila Odinga. On the flipside, the MP behavior can be unbecoming. During the chaotic debate on contentious Security Laws Bill Millie was among legislators who attacked the late Joyce Laboso. In the ensuing melee, Moses Kuria hit her. And it did not end there. She reportedly stripped as she claimed on her social media pages. 

Part of her post read: 

“When they tried to undress me I completed the process for them…I cannot and will not be intimidated using my sexuality…

Millie has in the past abused president Uhuru Kenyatta calling him very stupid. 

Oscar Sudi 

How he ended up in parliament tells you a lot about Kenyans. The Kapseret MP is vulgar and lacks common decency when it comes to attacking his detractors. His insults directed at Mama Ngina were in bad taste and not fit to be published in this respectable blog.