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Ten Silent Billionaires In Kenya Who Hate The Limelight 

The rich in Kenya are easily noticeable. They drive top of the range cars with personalised registration plates; frequent high end clubs, have addresses in expensive neighbourhoods and generally behave as if they are above the law.

Then we have the ultra rich. These individuals would rather the public doesn’t know about their wealth. They will not share their latest acquisition on social media platforms as is the norm with the new breed of moneyed Kenyans. This writer brings you the ten silent billionaires in Kenya. 

Mike Maina Kamau 

He would have remained largely unknown if it was not for Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko. The city boss hurled insults at the billionaire after he commissioned the demolition of houses on his land in Nyama Villa in Kayole. Sonko called Mr Maina with threats of bringing down Marble Arch Hotel which he claimed was sitting on county land. The recluse Nairobi investor came from his cocoon and told the media that he was surprised and hurt by the insults from Sonko. The courts ruled in favor of Muthithi Investments Limited saying the 2018 evictions were lawful. 

The tycoon was also awarded a compensation of kes 847,277,351for the demolition of his Nairobi’s Spring Valley home to pave way for a bypass and an additional kes12,259,342 as cost of the case. 

Josphat Mwaura

The former Chief Executive Officer of KPMG East Africa Josephat Mwaura is another billionaire very few Kenyans know. He was ‘outed’ by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) after publishing the names of top taxpayers in the country. The billionaire is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and holds a Certified in Government at Harvard University. 

Gitahi Gachahi

The outgoing CEO of Ernst & Young (EY) will look like the next guy on the busy streets of Nairobi if you happen to meet him. He does not have the flamboyance associated with the young and rich. He is among the very few Kenyans who earn an annual salary of between kes350 million and Sh1 billion according to KRA. 

Philip Kinisu

The former Ethics Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) chairman makes the league of billionaires in Kenya. His stint as chair of the EACC did not end well as he was accused of partaking in the NYS cookie jar. While he maintained his innocence, the EACC chair resigned in 2016. His statement read:

“As a result of the protracted negative deliberations of the matters in the public domain, my continuing to serve in the chairman of the EACC has become impractical…” 

Paul Ndung’u

His name was not in the public domain until Sportpesa happened. The ex-Sportpesa chairman is the fourth largest shareholder in the firm. He is also a shareholder and a non-executive director of Life Care Medics, a company that has won a number of controversial tenders. 

Andrew Ndegwa

The alumni of Oxford University is another little known billionaire. His share at NIC was worth kes1.1 billion. 

Others include:

Lucy Mwiti

Faith Mwikali

Wacera Maina

Jane Wanjiru Michuki