The Interior Architect Behind Radisson Blu Hotel In Nairobi 

The Interior Architect Behind Radisson Blu Hotel In Nairobi 
Radisson Blu Hotel In Nairobi Image/Radisson Hotels

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The interior of Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi is a piece of art. Everything about the interior of this five star hotel tells you it was a genius at work. Many Kenyans may not be familiar with the name Christian Lundwall but may at one point stumbled on his work. 

The walls of the iconic hotel are decorated with feathers on the wall in different colors that were painted by Mr Lundwall. The designer made good use of natural light by using a skylight roof and glass doors. According to Lundwall, he “wanted to give the feel that you are outside even though you are indoors,” he told the businessdaily writer. 

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The designs of the hotel were planned in 2008. Some of the decor pieces were imported, “though they sometimes get damaged while on transit,” he told the same publication. 

The Interior Architect Behind Radisson Blu Hotel In Nairobi 
Christian Lundwall Arkitektkonto Image/Businessdaily

Everything is custom made and drawn by Lundwall including the wallpaper, carpets and the art. The designer imported computerised lighting from Germany which slashes electricity costs significantly.

So who is Christian Lundwall?

He is a 70 year Swede interior architect. He first visited Kenya in 2008 to inspect where Radisson now stands. His father was an architect while his mother was a ballerina dancer. He abandoned his plans of venturing into the world of advertising after his two close friends got into interior design prompting him to join them. 

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Setting office in Kenya

His head office-LWA Architects-is in Sweden with regional offices in Karen, Kenya. LWA Architects primarily deal with hotel projects. Some of their notables projects include:

Al-Karama Hotel-United Arab Emirates

Aloft Dubai-United Arab Emirates

Hilton DoubleTree-Lithuania

Hilton St.Petersburg-Russian Federation

Hotel Palm Jumeirah-Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hotel St.Petersburg-St.Petersburg, Russian Federation

Kiev Troiytskaya Hotel Kiev Sport-Ukraine

Meininger Hotels-Russian Federation

Odessa Hotel-Ukraine

Park Inn Nairobi-Kenya

These are just some of the projects by the Radisson Blu Hotel designer. 

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