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The Rays: Kenyan Couple Making Up To Sh 50 000 Weekly Sleeping On TikTok

  • The couple has been creating sleeping videos for the past three months.
  • Income from TikTok has enabled them to move from their initial residence in Kibera to a two-bedroom apartment

If you belong to the school of thought that believes sleeping cannot pay your bills, you have probably not heard of Raymax and Maycee Ochieng – or The Rays — as they call themselves.

They are a TikTok couple who have amassed thousands of followers and millions of likes by sleeping and recording themselves in live videos on the popular app.

Speaking in a recent interview, the couple, who have been dating for the past three years, revealed that they make up to sh 50 000 per week from their seemingly bizarre endeavor.

But how did they go from ordinary TikTokers to working sleepers?

According to Maycee, the couple had been regular TikTokers ding normal TikTok content until three months ago when they decided to come up with something new. The idea of sleeping on live camera was a suggestion from one of their fans.

Our initial type of content was normal couple stuff – storytelling, singing, joking, etc. One of our fans commented that I talked a lot and suggested that we try sleeping. That’s what we did,” shared Maycee.

At first, it took time for them to implement the idea. “We noticed that there were other couples who were already sleeping. So, we decided to do ours in a different way. We settled on cuddling,” said Raymax.

He adds that sleeping was a less taxing form of content as it did not require much energy. Today, the couple garners as much as 20,000 views on their live videos.

The couple now considers TikTok as their main source of income, as they can comfortably pay their bills with the money. They even managed to move from their initial residence in Bombolulu, Kibera, to a two-bedroom apartment.

However, this newfound gig did not come without a price, as Maycee was fired from her workplace for violating the company’s strict social media policy. She now considers herself a full-time TikToker.

Comparing the app’s earnings with her previous salary, she says things are better in the online space, recalling a day the couple made over sh 10 000 in a single live. They have also been approached by several companies for brand endorsements.

But, as Raymax points out, sleeping during the daytime is not as easy as many people might think. “Some people think that it’s an easy thing, but it’s quite tiring to sleep during the day. Imagine sleeping for over six hours in one position because you have to face the camera. Sometimes I have to go off camera and stretch,” he admitted.

The couple also lamented the negative comments that swarm their live videos, with some fans not mincing their words in suggesting that they find a better job. However, the two lovebirds said that they have learned to ignore the comments, seeing their content is what brings them food.

Away from the online space, they described their friends and families as supportive, encouraging them to continue doing their thing as long as it puts food on the table.

Their videos have also elevated their celebrity status in their neighborhood. “Everyone now knows us.  The feeling is sweet, as most of our acquittances are appreciative,” shared Maycee.

Looking ahead, Raymax and Maycee have plans to diversify their content to keep their audience engaged, with future ventures into YouTube and other platforms.

But for now, as long as it keeps food on the table, they are content being known as “the sleeping couple.”

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