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HomeWealthThe Sanghrajka Family: How Renovating A House Birthed Tile & Carpet Centre

The Sanghrajka Family: How Renovating A House Birthed Tile & Carpet Centre

By Kuria Kimani

Tiles and Carpet Centre, now known as T&C after rebranding in 2020, is a leading supplier of building and interior products that was founded by the Sanghrajka family. 

Origin and History

The company traces its roots in the 40s when the family patriarch started a company known as Nandlal and Co Ltd that traded in wholesale suiting materials. As years rolled and his family expanded, he decided to renovate his family home but he couldn’t find a store in Kenya stocking contemporary, affordable finishing products he was looking for. 

Genesis of Tile and Carpet Centre

The family travelled throughout Europe where they bought sanitaryware directly from ceramicists and factories. The Sanghrajka family was keen on making these designs available to other Kenyans, prompting them to open a small temporary store from where they sold the tiles. With time, it evolved to become the mammoth that is Tile & Carpet Centre. 

Tile and Carpet 

Nandlal and Co Ltd was rebranded to Tile & Carpet Center in 2016 expanding operations and diversifying their product offering. The company, with presence in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, has built solid working relationships with building and interior brands around the world including Marazzi, Pamesa Ceramica, Armstrong Ceiling, Interface Carpets, Duravit, Alno, Imola, Nova Ceramics, Hansgrohe, Geberit, and Tapis. 

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T&C trades products from these brands alongside products manufactured within. The company under the leadership and guidance of the Sanghrajka family whose members form the management has over the years perfected their manufacturing skills producing quality products under the brand names Tactile, TopTank, Toppipe, Top frame, and TopRoof. These are in the categories of bathrooms and plumbing, carpets and rugs, furniture and homeware, fabrics and furnishings, tiles and flooring, tanks and roofing.

Tile and Carpet Center Management

The interior and building products company has showrooms in Loresho, Nairobi, and Mombasa. The organization has an active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program that reaches out to the underprivileged in society. The CSR program addresses hunger, education, health services and natural calamities. T&C has extended aid to children homes, supported the development of health institutions, and sponsored students to get an education.

Snehal J. Sanghrajka 

Snehal Sanghrajka sits as the company’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. He has been a board director since 1995.

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Chirag R. Sanghrajka 

He has served as the company director since 1993. Chirag R. is an alumnus of The London School of Economics and Political Science where he pursued a degree in Economics, Accounting, and Finance. He then enrolled at the London Business School for his Senior Executive Program 88.

Sachin Sanghrajka 

Sachin has been a T&C director since 2007. He attended Mill Hill School in London and later on the University of London between 1995 and 1999 for his higher education.

Vinay Sanghrajka 

Vinay is a T&C director who has an entrepreneurial acumen and has other businesses associated with him. He is a Partner at Yunus Social Business Kenya. In 2008, he ventured into real estate purchasing and developing commercial units on 14 Riverside Drive. Vinay used his construction firm Cape Holdings to carry out the business. Initially, the project was profitable and even sold some units to Synergy Industrial Credit. After the Al-Shabaab terrorist attack at Dusit D2, business took a hit and was on a downward trajectory. Cape Holdings fell into debt and was unable to repay its loans. It also went against the contractual agreement and caused a loss of money for Synergy Industrial Credit which resulted in an arbitration award worth Sh1.66 billion gaining an annual 18% interest since 2015. Cape Holdings has since October 2021 been under administration.