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The Seven Multi-Billion Hotels Owned By The Kenyatta Family

The Kenyatta family is arguably the most powerful in the country having produced two of the four presidents of the Republic of Kenya. According to a report released by Oxfam International, the Kenyatta’s are the fourth wealthiest family in Kenya. The family has invested heavily in the hospitality industry as you shall see in this article. 

WoK takes a look at the seven multi-billion hotels owned by the Kenyatta family.

Voyager Beach Resort

The Voyager beach resort is located in the affluent neighborhoods of Nyali, Mombasa. It is located along the Indian Ocean beach; rooms vary from Ksh 15,000 to Ksh 40,000 depending on the season and type of room. Some of the amenities available include a water sports center, different entertainment experiences, four bars and a 24 hour lounge, 3 swimming pools including a whirlpool, fun kid’s games and family entertainment and shows such as acrobatics, comedy and music.

Great Rift Valley Lodge and Golf Resort

The Great Rift Valley Lodge is located in Naivasha along the Nairobi – Nakuru Highway. The hotel which is a famous retreat spot for politicians includes an 18-hole championship golf course. The hotel boasts of a fascinating view of Lake Naivasha and the mind-blowing Great Rift Valley.

It is built on top of Eburru mountain and offers incredible amenities such as free Wi-Fi connection, an airstrip connection to Nairobi, live music performances and other social amenities such as swimming pool, bar, massage and gym.

It was voted as Kenya’s Best Golf Hotel from 2015 to 2019 consequently in the World Tourism Awards. Spending a night in the hotel might cost you anywhere between Ksh 30,000 and Ksh 150,000 depending on the client’s preferences.

Samburu Intrepids Luxury Tented Camp

This hotel is located along River Ewaso Ngiro inside the Samburu Game Reserve. It sits on a raised platform just above the river offering a perfect view of crocodiles and hippopotamus.

It offers some of the best game activities such as clear equatorial night skies for astronomy, well trained and knowledgeable tour guides, day and night game drives on jeeps and a tour to the Buffalo Springs Reserves. A night inside the tented camp may cost you up to Ksh 50,000 with the activities excluded.

Kipungani Explorer

This hotel is located in the tropical island of Lamu and comprises 13 luxurious spaces. It is established on the edge of a 12-kilometer white sandy beach of the Indian Ocean. The resort is situated in a serene environment which is perfect for romantic getaways like honeymoon or anniversaries celebration.

Some of the activities available include kayaking safaris, fishing adventures, seafood testing, windsurfing, snorkeling with dolphins and learning more about the traditional Arab culture and the historical background of the coastal town. A night at the hotel might cost up to Ksh 110,000 depending on the season.

Mara Explorer Camp

The Mara Explorer Camp is located inside the Maasai Mara National Park. The camp, which is a five-star camp, has 10 luxurious and well-established tents each with a spectacular view of River Talek. 7 of the tents are modified with queen-sized beds while the remaining 3 have twin beds.

The tents are well designed to open up on the roof to offer a view of the sky, Victorian-themed translucent windows and a perfect scene of viewing the wild animals from the comfort of your bed. Some of the activities available include a hot air balloon ride to enjoy the sunrise or sunsets, game drive inside the Mara and a supervised nature walk at no extra cost. A night at the hotel will cost up to Ksh 60,000 per tent.

Mara Interpids

The Mara Interpids hotel is located inside the Maasai mara national park just along River Talek. The camp sits in the middle of the four-game viewing areas of the Maasai Mara. It boasts of new refurbished tents with four king-size beds in each tent.

The camp has its own airstrip that connects Nairobi city in just a 45 minute flight. It is a perfect destination for adventurous people who aren’t afraid of wild animals and dark places. A night in one of the tents may cost up to Ksh 50,000 per person.

Voyager Ziwani

This hotel is situated in Taita Taveta County on the western part of Tsavo national park. It sits on a secluded swamp in the River Sante offering a rare closer view of crocodiles, turtles and huge hippopotamus that often bask in the sun. From afar, you are able to see the magnificent peak of Mount Kilimanjaro which is just across the border of Kenya and Tanzania.

The hotel has its own airstrip and is accessible either from Mombasa or Nairobi. Some of the amenities and activities offered include free Wi-Fi, day and night game drives inside the Tsavo West National Park and a visit to the World War 1 and 2 battle sites. A night in the hotel might cost up to Ksh 20,000 depending on the season.

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