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The Top Six Best Sharpshooters In Kenya

By Lilian Anyango Opiyo

Shooting sport has a rich history in Kenya although it’s not popular in the country. According to the Standard, practical shooting traces its roots back in 1906, with the pioneers being the legion of frontiersmen-a company of the East Africa Volunteer Reserve-who organized the first shooting event in Kenya. 


If you are interested in becoming a sharpshooter, you have to be certified by IDPA – International Defensive Pistol Association. The certification helps you get into either the novice, marksman, sharpshooter, expert, master, or grand-master class as per your capability.

The shooting game involves real-life encounters that simulates self-defense scenarios. The shooter moves in several positions, fires above or under obstacles, and engages targets when they are visible. 

This article look at the top six best sharpshooters in Kenya. 

Master Eng. Robert Nyamongo

Eng. Nyamongo is a pioneer shooter and the first African to be awarded the highest rank of Master in the IDPA African Championship after emerging the winner in 2017, in Johannesburg South-Africa. 

Besides, Eng.  Nyamongo is an honorary member of NGAO-K – National Gun Owners Association of Kenya and has remained an undefeated champion in pistol competitions since 2018. He trains amateur and top shooters at the Kenya Regiment Rifle Club, NGAO-K headquarters.  

Eng. Nyamongo is among the experts behind the construction and design of the expansive Kirigiti Shooting Range. The range is known for mentoring National teams for both men and women category to compete in the shooting sports. 

Ibrahim Ndung’u

Ibrahim Ndung’u prides himself as the first black African bestowed with the Compact Carry Pistol (CCP) Master rank in Africa. His rise has been meteoric having only joined the sport in 2019. He attributes his success to dedication. 

“Becoming a Master requires dedication, time, a lot of effort in training and of course funds to purchase ammunition for training,” he told the Standard. 

Master Ndung’u went for further  training at False Bay Firearm Training Academy located in Cape Town, South Africa. He enrolled to hone his shooting skills as a firearm instructor in pursuit of excellence. Master Ndung’u today holds an instructor certificate after the successful completion of the course. 

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Eric Wachira

Eric Wachira became a Master of this noble game in 2019 after successfully emerging the winner in the African Championships in South Africa. He praises civilian gun owners and some members of the disciplined forces for making use of the Kirigiti Shooting Range. 

Master Wachira is also known for advocating for safety and even championing the range being suitable for persons with disabilities. And lately, this has been realized with disabled persons being association members.

Mohammed Omar

Mohammed Omar is another top shooter in the country, working alongside his other co-Masters. He is an assistant match director presiding over various amateur training at the NGAO-K headquarters.  Fondly referred to as “Moha,” he equates his successes to resilience amidst challenges to emerge victoriously. 

Sammy Onyango

Master Sammy Onyango is a renowned sharpshooter who has emerged victorious in a number of competitions. Onyango recently won bronze during last year’s World Championship in the USA in the Enhanced Service Pistol category. Master Sammy is known for his tactful skills in combating his opponents, making him soar higher in competitions. 

Elizabeth Cherono

Elizabeth Cherono is one of the three women sharpshooters in Kenya. She is still a novice, who is showing a lot of promise thanks to the rigorous training at the Kirigiti Shooting Range. Besides, she’s the only woman in the civilian Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) category. She strives to be a Master sharpshooter.