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Gangs In The Top Ten Most dangerous estates in Nairobi

Gang  Estate
Mauki family  Mathare, Kariobangi, Dandora, Huruma and Kayole) – Mauki was formed way back in 2014
Superpower Gang  Eastleigh
40 Brothers  City Centre
Siafu Kasarani, Mwiki
Msako Empire  Huruma
Jeshi la Embakas Embakasi
Usiku Sacco  Umoja
Munyipi  Mathare
Kamukunji Pressure group  Kibera
Kosovo Boys  Kosovo Area
Brotherhood family Huruma

By Kuria Kimani

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, records high crime rates accelerated by unemployment and poverty among young people who resort to committing criminal activities as individuals or affiliated to criminal gangs and sects. According to a 2018 report by the National Police service, Nairobi recorded more than 7,000 reported criminal cases, including robbery with violence, theft, assault causing actual bodily harm, drug possession and abuse among others. It is worth noting that most of such crimes are not reported. 

In this article, we take a look at the top ten most dangerous estates in Nairobi that harbour these criminals.


Kayole is a sub-urban part located in Nairobi Eastlands in Embakasi Central Constituency. This estate elicits fear amongst citizens and is well known for harbouring violent criminal gangs and rowdy matatu crews. These criminal gangs including Gaza, based in Soweto, terrorised residents before police intervened. Komarock Estate which is part of Kayole is however relatively safe.

Kariobangi North

Kariobangi North is located in Embakasi North Constituency in Nairobi. This estate borders the notorious Korogocho slums and Dandora estate. For a long time, Kariobangi North has witnessed numerous cases of violence which at times are fuelled by political temperatures in the area. The estate is one of the areas flagged by the Kenya police as a crime hotspot and thus not the safest place to live in Nairobi. The gang that rein supreme currently is Mauki family, consisting of young men.  

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Mathare North

Mathare Constituency is known for occasional politically incited violence. The constituency is home to Mathare slums and Mathare North and the area is not too far from Nairobi CBD. Mathare was home to the dreaded Taliban and Mungiki gangs. The Mauki gang is also present in Mathare North. 


Kibera is the second largest slum in Africa and is identified for decades of politically fuelled violence. Kibera is in Kibra Constituency in Nairobi where the former Prime minister served as a Member of Parliament for 22 years.. Kibera is home to various criminal gangs who scale their criminal operations to affluent neighbourhoods such as Karen. The gang members are usually armed with knives and guns and have terrorised citizens for many years.

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Superpower, mainly consisting of young boys, is deep roots in Eastleigh and has been ranked as the third most dangerous gang in Nairobi. Super Power has committed murder, mugging, pick pocketing, and violent robbery – often stabbing their victims among other criminal activities.

Mukuru slums

The notorious and unruly Mukuru slums is made up of nine villages namely; Mukuru Kwa Reuben, Fuata Nyayo, Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Kingstone, Sinai, Jamaica, Paradise, Mariguini, and Kayaba traversing three constituencies namely; Starehe, Embakasi South, Makadara. These slums are one of the most dangerous places in Nairobi especially during election season with youth criminal sects and gangs wrecking fear and misery to Nairobi residents.


As mentioned earlier, Dandora borders Kayole and is one of the most dangerous estates in Nairobi. The estate has made a name for being home of many upcoming and seasoned notorious armed gangsters. The criminal groups and gang members are usually wielding guns among other weapons. Cases of murder, robbery with violence, rape and assult are always on the rise in Dandora. The estate is run by criminal gangs who are aware of the existing residents and will be quick to flag and move in on a newcomer.

Korogocho slums

This is one of the top crime-filled areas in Nairobi county infiltrated with thugs that have found themselves robbing people even during the day. Characteristically, the slums are also marked with immorality as young girls engage in prostitution seeking a means to have somethng to eat. Young boys are not in schools but always roaming on the streets looking for the next culprit to devour. 


Muthurwa is known as a market where vendors and customers can access vegetables, fruits, and other goods at bargain prices. There is an estate in Muthurwa that happens to be one of Nairobi’s most dangerous. There are thieves who roam around looking for naive individuals who do not seem to be vigilant and take their belongings such as phones and purses. Despite the presence of the police, crime is still rampant and the law enforcers would not make any effort to make the area safer.


Huruma is one of Nairobi’s most dangerous estates in Kenya. The estate is known for its cheap housing and as such has become one of the most populated places translating to the presence of people of different characters. Young boys are thugs who run the streets by stealing, and will kill if you disregard their orders. An infamous spot is known as Huruma Corner where residents say they cannot walk freely even during daylight. The notorious gang in this estate is the Brotherhood family.

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