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Timothy Mudasia and Nicholas Abwunza: Meet Tycoon Ibrahim Ambwere’s Children Working for Coca-Cola, Government of Australia

Ibrahim Ambwere is a businessman from Western Kenya with properties spread across the region including Kitale, Mbale, Kakamega and Kisumu.

However, he is known for making headlines in the early 1980s when he offered to pay teachers their delayed salaries amount to Ksh 48 million.

Years down the line, Ambwere’s children, twins Timothy Mudasia and Nicholas Abwunza, have been flying high having shaped their path within the corporate world.

Here is Tim and Nick’s story as told by WoK.

Luhua tycoon Ambwere’s children, Tim and Nick have led a low-key life despite their dad being a reputable businessman in Western Kenya.

According to multiple sources, for over three decades, the twin brothers have shaped their path in the corporate world as c-suite executives.

Tim and Nick were born and raised in Chavakali, Vihiga County.

The two attended a local primary school before proceeding to Vihiga High School for their secondary school education.

“Our parents were rigorous in our upbringing, ensuring we had discipline, lived well with people, had our hands committed in serving the community and people in church

“It is what has seen me grow to be an industrious, self-driven and results oriented Human Resource, Administration, Public Affairs and Communications professional,” Nick said.

After completing their secondary school education, they took different paths with Tim enrolling in Moi University for her undergraduate studies before moving to Australia for his Masters.

Nick joined Makerere University before later enrolling at University of Nairobi.

Tim is currently working in Australia, serving as a financial advisor to government entities specializing in multi-billion dollar pension funds.

He has also worked as an associate in business retention for National Australia Bank and MLC Insurance.

Nick serves as Chief Human Resource, Public Affairs and Communication Officer for Coca-Cola (CBL) in Africa.

He has previously worked for the United Kingdom, and Israel, including top brands such as Carlsberg, Kansai Plascon, GT Bank, MTN Group and Kenya Airways.

Other jobs he has had include group head of HR at Balton CP, overseeing 10 countries, HR manager at GT Bank covering four countries.

He has also worked at MNT Group, KQ, Java house and Nairobi Serena hotel among others.

Nick holds an MBA on strategic management, a post graduate diploma on HR and a HR degree from Makerere University in Uganda.

Timothy Mudasia and Nicholas Abwunza PHOTO/Instagram

Teachers’ salary settlement

In the 1980s Ambwere made headlines after offering to pay teachers’ delayed salaries.

“That was a lot of money in the 80s, but I had it and I was willing to bail them out,” he stated.

However, Ambwere’s generosity landed him in trouble with the government who launched a probe into his vast wealth invading his personal life.

He was born in 1936 in Maragoli to his mother who was dumb and deaf and his father left to fight in the army four years after he was born and never returned.

When he was eight, his mother died creating an arc in his life – one he says catapulted him into becoming the man he is now.