Tina Ogal Biography, Age, Education and Career

Tina Ogal Biography, Age, Education and Career
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If you are an ardent radio listener, then the name Tina Ogal will not be new to you.  The presenter has been on radio for a number of years and her relevance has never dwindled. If there is one sure thing about the media industry, especially in Kenya, it is the fact that it is very fickle. One moment you may be at the peak of your career with everyone listening and or watching you, and the next you may be out of the way. How she has remained relevant over the years in the highly competitive media world can be credited to pure talent, determination and discipline. 

Her youthful looks, radiance and energy boils down to her love to keep fit. Through a number of social media posts, it is evident that she lives a healthy life by hitting the gym from time to time.

Away from the media, she is also quite private. Unlike most media personalities who find themselves trending for the wrong reasons every other time, Tina has no scandal attached to her name. She also keeps a lot about her private life away from the limelight. 

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Ogal celebrates her birthday on 23rd December but she has not yet made her year of birth public.


The radio queen graduated in 2011 from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Arts  in Political Science and Government degree in 2011. 


The veteran journalist has  been in the media industry since 2001.

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In January 2001, she joined the radio industry after landing a job at Waumini FM. This is a radio station based in Nairobi dedicated to Catholic music and programs. She left the station in February 2004.

In June 2004, she got a job with Royal Media Services working as a show host on Radio Citizen, where she still works to date. She is famous for the show Drive on Reload. She hosts the show alongside Generali Munai. The two have a wonderful rapport and for years have been keeping fans entertained with amazing conversations. They come up with trending topics that always keep the audience tuned in. Her intelligence and sense of humor always shines through the topics they choose to discuss. The number of years she has worked for the station has made her an inspiration to many upcoming presenters.

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