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Tom Daktari: I Moved To My Own House Because Of Dr Kingori 

  • Tom Daktari came in as a writer at the popular Wicked Edition show aired on NTV
  • He praised Dr Kingori for opening doors for him

He is one of the biggest names in the Kenyan entertainment scene. His journey was however not an easy one.

Tom Daktari, whose real name is Andrew Wambua Mboya, tried his hands in hawking mayai pasua and selling oranges before his big break. Both hustles badly flopped.

But it was this one call he made to Dr Kingori that changed his life. In the closing episode of ‘The Wicked Edition’ that aired on NTV for seven years, Daktari shared how he got an opportunity to work on the show. 

The funnyman sent a clip he had done to Dr Kingori in the hope that he would get an opportunity to work on the show. Before then, he had called the Wicked Edition host thinking he knew him. 

He introduced himself as Tom Daktari, a comedian at the Churchill Raw but Dr Kingori did not seem to know him. 

Daktari told him his type of comedy leaned towards reporting and if he needed such content in your show you will inform me.

Kingori told him if such a slot presented itself he would inform him. 

Joining The Wicked Edition

When he got that long awaited call, he prepared his jokes for the show. Nasra, who was also a writer in the show, left saying she was tired. Tom found himself with Kingori with no idea of what he was supposed to do next.

He knew he would be fired on his fired day but it did not go as he had feared. Tom impressed on his first day and continued learning the ropes with time. 

Appreciating Dr Kingori

Tom shared how the show has had a positive impact on his life. From his first salary, he immediately moved to his new house in South B.

Tom Daktari, who is famous for imitating math teachers, was in the show for four years.

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