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HomenewsTop 10 Websites To Write For And What They Pay

Top 10 Websites To Write For And What They Pay

By Eli Odaga

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the economy so hard forcing companies to lay off their staff, while others are being forced to take  unpaid leave or subjected to pay cuts. The nature of this pandemic has seen most people working from home. 

Among the things people have found solace in doing online is writing, where they have made  real and quick cash at the comfort of their homes. Well, it sounds easy until you start. 

Easily put, these individuals sell their content to the sites, waiting for their pays which is mostly paid via PayPal.

However the  proceeds that come out of the gigs vary with the niche and quality of the  content  created.

Below  is a list of the best websites that you should seek partnership  with before smiling all way to the bank:

  1. Scotch

Niche: Web Development

Payment Method: Paypal

Scotch is a web development blog looking for writers to contribute articles and tutorials. They accept tutorials on a host of web development-related topics that include: React, Vue, Angular, Javascript, Node, CSS, Python, Laravel, etc.

While you can earn money writing for Scotch as a beginner, they consider previous writing experience a huge plus. They typically respond to accepted pitches in two weeks.

They pay $150 per article.

Proceed from here if you are to write for Scotch.

2. Music Tuts+


Payment MethodPaypal

Music Tuts+ is one of the blogs in the Envato blog network, and they are looking for writers with music or audio background/experience to contribute and get paid.

Specifically, the are looking for “Quick Tips” (a mini-tutorial of around 500 words or a screencast of under 5 minutes). They want each article to focus on one main point or technique.

They pay $50 for every article they accept.

To write for them, click here.

3. Bitch Media




Payment MethodPayPal

Bitch Media‘s mission is to provide a thoughtful feminist response to mainstream media and popular culture, and they want to pay writers that can help them further this mission.

They are looking for content for both their online publication and print magazine. Articles can range from 1,200 – 3,000 words depending on what category your content falls into.

They pay $150 to $1,000 for articles depending on the nature of the article.

Begin here.


4. Listverse



Payment MethodPaypal

If you’re looking to get paid to write lists (or listicles!), then you want to write for Listverse.

Listverse is perhaps the biggest website online dedicated to listicles and they are looking for interesting and unique list articles from writers. Your lists can be about anything, as long as the topic is unique, unusual or interesting. They expect your lists to be at least one or two paragraphs per entry. They like articles to feature at least 10 items.

Listverse pays $100 per approved list — via PayPal only.

Begin writing here.


5. Back To College



Payment MethodPaypal/Check

You can also get paid to write articles about education for older students and adult learners for Back to College. This could be articles on how to obtain financial aid, how to find the right adult learning program, or success strategies that adult learners can use to ensure academic excellence.

They expect articles to be around 1,000 – 1,500 words in length and it can take up to 90 days for them to notify you should your article be accepted.

They pay $55 per article, and payment is made via Paypal or check 30 days after an accepted article has been published.

To begin, click here.


6. Better Humans


NicheSelf Improvement

Payment MethodPaypal

If you want to get paid to write articles about self improvement, you should consider writing for Better Humans.

Better Humans is a Medium publication that pays writers to contribute blog posts. It is a collection of articles on human potential and self improvement, and they are specific about writers having personal experience with the advice they are giving.

They don’t want listicles, thought-pieces, summaries of other people’s advice, and inspirational essays. Instead, they want evidence-based advice addressed at the real challenges their readers are facing and that ideally mixes personal experience and research. They expect articles to be at least 2,750 words.

They pay around $500 for articles they accept.

They are found here.


7. The Change Agent


NicheAdult Education

Payment MethodPayPal

The Change Agent is an Adult Education Publication looking for articles relevant to adult learners. They expect articles to be between 200 – 1,000 words. 

They pay upto $75 per article done.

To begin a partnership with them, click here.

8. Greatist



NicheMental Health/Relationships/Wellness/Life

Payment MethodPayPal

Greatist is looking for writers who are willing to get paid to share their personal experiences and lessons they’ve learned about mental health, relationships, wellness, and life. They accept content on pretty much anything that has to do with mental health and relationships. They occasionally accept articles on career, social media and technology, and struggles with substance abuse.

They expect articles to be between 1,000 – 1,500 words and want articles to be submitted via Google Docs.

Rates start at $125 per article they accept.

or publication.

Register here.

9. Drop Zone




Payment MethodPaypal

Dropzone is a leading skydiving blog that pay writers. They are looking for articles about skydiving, skydiving gear, and anything skydiving-related or any other extreme sport.

Catch them here.

10. Metro Parent




Payment MethodCheck

Metro Parent is a publication that pays writers to write about parenting. The publication is specifically looking for content tailored to general parenthood. Articles can be about anything: this includes education, travel, pets, food, health & wellness, and other topics as long as they revolve around the preferred topics. They tend to focus on certain types of content in particular times and seasons.

Articles can range from 50 words to 2,500 words depending on what category your article falls into.

They pay $25 – $200 per article depending on the type of article.

Find them here.