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Top Reggae MCs In Kenya 

By Prudence Minayo

The reggae genre in Kenya is very popular. Jamaican reggae musicians continue to dominate the airwaves in the country. 

This genre has provided job opportunities for many Kenyans and produced some of the best MCs in the country. While some legendary MCs such as Daddy Konia are deceased, there are still numerous talented MCs who are doing a pretty job at it. 

MC Fullstop 

Fullstop is one of the best reggae MCs in the country. He began his work in 1994 at the young age of 14. Slowly and Steadily, he built a reputation as the go to reggae MC and even got a job at Mediamax owned TV station K24. 

The MC went missing for a while as he fought alcohol related complications. He then began advising the youths on the dangers of excessive consumption of alcohol. The reggae MC also added that at his worst, he discovered a newfound relationship with God. He was back in action within no time and even it the chance to work for NRG radio. He believes that all his shows are superb as he is very good at getting people to seriously dance. 

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DJ Supa Marcus 

MC Supa Marcus is one of the most loved reggae MCs in the country having been in the industry for over a decade. He has built an unwavering brand and hosted numerous shows. More than a decade ago, he used to host Jam Session every single day of the week. The show was loved by many Kenyans who could not wait to watch it. 

Not only was he known for his sing along style but also for adding jokes into reggae tunes. 

MC Teargas 

MC Teargas is a renowned Kenyan MC who has hosted a number of big shows and previously worked at QFM’s Drive Show. He is also a dancehall artist, a DJ and a songwriter. His real name is Josiah Kituli Kitheka born on 4th August 1990. 

He worked with some famous Kenyan DJs/MCs, such as, Supa Marcus, Zj Heno, Professor Nuts and Kris Darling among others. Apart from this, he also has a number of singles to his name. 

Njambi Koikai 

It is impossible to mention reggae in Kenya without mentioning Njambi Koikai. Most know her as one of the best female reggae singers and MCs in the country. Koikai grew up with her mother and grandmother as her parental figures. She struggled to fit in in school having been a ghetto girl who had gone to a lavish school. 

She’d later discover her love for reggae and begin emceeing as well as singing. Even while undergoing one of the most difficult times and suffering a life threatening illness, reggae was always a part of her life. 

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MC Philipo 

MC Philipo is an inspiration to many Kenyans aspiring to be MCs. Growing up, he knew he wanted to be on a big platform until he found someone to mentor him. He then grew his brand and became one of the top Reggae MCs in the country. The job has afforded him the chance to travel and MC in other countries, such as, Dubai, United Kingdom and USA. 

He has also been an MC at Reggae in the Sun, a premier show dedicated to showcasing the country’s homegrown reggae music. 

MC Masilver 

The reggae and dancehall entertainer began his journey at the age of 15 while still in high school. The influence for his stage name comes from his exceptional love for silver wear. He has had countrywide tours and visited major town and cities such as Nairobi, Kisumu, Siaya, Meru and Nakuru.

To crown all this, he has won a number of accolades and also aspires to be a comedian. 

MC D Majail 

Born on 26th July 1993, he is an MC, DJ and all-round entertainer. He has also worked as a hypeman at Switch TV and has hosted a number of shows across the country.