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Top Ten Highest Paid Lawyers In Kenya

Being a lawyer in Kenya can be so lucrative. This can be attested by properties owned by the ‘learned friends’ and the power they wield in political circles. In a presidential petition, for example, lawyers will not ask anything less than kes20 million and upwards of over kes100 million. It must be mentioned that a good number of lawyers double as politicians. This article will look at the top ten highest paid lawyers in Kenya and the properties they own.

Abdullahi Ahmednasir-Senior Counsel
His client list reads like who is who in Kenya. Ahmednasir is almost in all cases that attract over a million shilling fee. He represented the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in the 2013 presidential election. The vocal senior counsel was paid kes40 million for his services which translated to kes2.9 million per day. He was among the lawyers who represented President Uhuru Kenyatta in the last general election.

Paul Muite-Senior Counsel
Those who followed the struggle for the second liberation of Kenya will definitely know Paul Muite. He, together with Orengo and other strong willed individuals, fought the good fight that led to the democracy we are enjoying to date. When the senior counsel- jointly with Kioko Kilukumi- represented the Ministry of Lands in a legal tussle with the National Lands Commission in the Supreme Court, he billed his client Kes15 million which he went on to term as “gross under charging”.

Tom Ojienda-Senior Counsel
When you are a serious lawyer like Tom Ojienda, your fees is above there. For example, he billed his client, the National Lands Commission, kes221 million.

Cliff Ombeta-Criminal Lawyer
He take cases only a lawyer with balls of steel can. He has represented the Akasha brothers among other criminal elements no lawyer wants to touch. Cliff Ombeta asks for millions in legal fees and his lifestyle can attest to that.

Fred Ngatia-Senior Counsel

Sharp, unassuming and simply on top of his game. Most Kenyans know Fred Ngatia for the role he played in the two presidential petitions as a lead lawyer for President Uhuru Kenyatta. The lawyer collects millions in legal fees for representing state corporations, constitutional commissions and public offices. His law firm was paid kes 290 million for representing the Kenya Airports Authority.

Katwa Kigen-Senior counsel
He rose to fame when he represented journalist Joshua Sang and Deputy President William Ruto at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Katwa Kigen was the only Kenyan leading lawyer at the Hague based court. His fees is in millions.

George Oraro-Senior Counsel
Unlike Ahmednasir, senior counsel George Oraro prefers to stay out of politics. He made headlines when he successfully represented former ODM chairman Henry Kosgey during the hearings at the ICC. Oraro went on to represent the defunct Cord coalition in the 2013 presidential elections. His fee was more than 20 million during the presidential petition. In 2015, Lithuania appointed George Oraro as first consul for East Africa. This appointment comes with a fat cheque for the prominent lawyer.

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