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Top Ten Most Celebrated Kalenjin Celebrities 

By Staff Writer

No community in Kenya has put the country in the world map like the Kalenjins. Their prowess in athletics is unmatched and are the underrated unofficial ambassadors of brand Kenya. Apart from sports, the Kalenjin have thrived in entertainment, politics and in the corporate world. This writer takes a look at the top ten most celebrated celebrities from this community. 

Eliud Kipchoge

He is a king in long distance races and has won almost all major awards you can think of. The athlete is humble and has always carried himself with a professional demeanour. He won his second consecutive Olympic marathon in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The 36 year old exploits on the tracks has marketed Kenya more than any other celebrity in the country. 

Faith Kipyegon

Another great celebrity from the Kalenjin community who has made Kenya proud is Faith Kipyegon. The elite athlete defended her gold medal in the women’s 1,500 meters at the Tokyo Olympics becoming the first woman to win back to back olympic gold medals. 

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Nikita Kering

She’s a combination of talent and beauty. The 19 year old style of music is uniquely different and refreshing. Nikita makes her money from live and corporate shows and endorsements. She is one of the most bankable artists in the country. 

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Stella Bunei Koitie, popularly known as Jemutai, is one of the best female comedians in Kenya. She is a natural who has a way of telling her jokes effortlessly. Jemutai made headlines early in the year when she faulted fellow comedian, Profesa Hammo, the father of her children for failing to take care of his parental responsibilities. The two have since patched up their differences. 

Emmy Kosgei 

Before she relocated to Nigeria to settle with her Nigerian husband Apostle Anselm Madubuko, Emmy was at her music career peak. She performed during public holidays and other functions that attracted who is who in Kenya. Emmy still remains one of the most talented gospel artists in Kenya. 

Terryanne Chebet

The former senior anchor and associate business news editor at Citizen TV has always remained graceful even after her unceremonious exit from the Royal Media Services owned TV station Kenya. Terryanne has gone on to take managerial positions in other media houses before embarking on running her business. Even after being retrenched from Citizen TV, she still remains to be one of the most influential media personalities out there. 


They started by mimicking making calls to the deputy president William Ruto asking him for favors. Those hilarious videos finally paid off as they got to meet the DP. The online comedians are a breath of fresh air with their funny clips. They command over 300,000 followers on Facebook. 


Michael Aron, known simply as Sweetstar, is a popular Kalenjin star who fuses the rich Kalenjin culture with modernity. His videos are well thought and the video vixens are super hot. The dance moves are not provocative but seductive. A song he did with Kipsang in 2018 garnered over 1.5 million views on YouTube. 

Maureen Koech

The actress is best remembered for her role in the popular KTN TV series Lies that Bind. Apart from acting, Maureen is a songwriter and singer. 

Chemutai Sage

Sage is a popular artist who has performed on big stages in the country. She had an affair with King Kaka that resulted in a baby.