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Top Ten Most Influential Bloggers in Kenya

By Prudence Minayo

Blogging in Kenya has become popular over the last decade and is eating the space hitherto enjoyed by the mainstream media. The number of Kenyans taking up blogging as a career is on the increase. Most bloggers cover topics that range from politics, education, fashion, beauty to entertainment. 

This article focuses on ten influential bloggers in Kenya. Of course, there are many other bloggers in this country doing an amazing job and influencing others but in this case, the focus is on only 10.

Cyprian Nyakundi

Cyprian Nyakundi is a popular blogger whose focus is primarily on exposing corruption. He had a massive following on twitter before he was suspended over a post he claimed had been shared multiple times. He said of the decision by Twitter to permanently ban him from the platform: 

“Yes, my Twitter account has been suspended over a post that had been used multiple times. I have been a victim of targeted reporting and false claims of abuse due to my views, on a platform that purportedly promotes freedom of expression.”

He is still active on his blog cnyakundi.com, on Facebook and his telegram channel. In a recent post, Nyakundi revealed that he had more “than 15 criminal cases pertaining to my online activities pending in court´´ since 2015.

He has been accused in the past of extortion and arrested over false Covid-19 claims but the blogger continues to do his thing.

Dennis Itumbi 

The digital strategist  fall from a powerful position has not deflated him. Itumbi has used his social media platforms to campaign for Deputy President William Ruto after falling out with President Uhuru Kenyatta. His sacking as the Secretary Innovation, Digital and Diaspora Communication, Republic of Kenya provided him with the ammunation to criticise the President at will.

Sharon Mundia

This is Ess is a blog that focuses on lifestyle and fashion. Sharon also keeps her followers updated on finance and a host of other topics. The blogger runs a successful YouTube channel and a show on NTV and has been invited on several interviews to share insights on various topics. This is the right blog for many who are passionate about lifestyle.

Jackson Biko 

No blogger comes close to Jackson Biko storytelling abilities. The father of two is also a columnist with Businessdaily, author and an awarding blogger. His blog-bikozulu.co.ke-has a following most bloggers can only dream about. 

Edgar Obare

The tea man has been accused of meddling in people’s affairs but his growing fanbase seem to love him for just that. He runs a blog bnn.ke which has a decent following. The blogger seemed to have crossed the red line when he suggested that Natalie Tewa was having an affair with Mombasa County Governor Hassan Joho and had even accompanied him to Dubai. He was arrested for making the claims by sleuths from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations  (DCI). His post before he was arrested read:

“As I said earlier I was summoned by the DCI. Today morning I was arrested by very many officers at my home. Now am headed to Nairobi. Thank you for your undying support.”

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Joy Kendi

Joy Kendi is a fashion and lifestyle blogger whose blog name is justjoykendi.co.ke. For a long time, she has impressed fans with her in-depth knowledge of beauty and has since ventured into YouTube. Most Kenyans who are passionate about lifestyle and skin care follow her blog and YouTube Channel. 

Chani Solanki

Chani Solanki is a food blogger whose blog pikachakula focuses on different recipes of Kenyan meals. This also includes videos and pictures of the delicious meals. The blog is popular among those who are passionate about cooking. Chano Solanki writes and takes pictures about food and just by looking at the blog, one can’t help but wish to have a taste of the meals.

Robert Alai

Robert is famous for his blog Kahawatungu that mainly focuses on local news. With over 1 million followers on Twitter and 0ver 300,000 on Facebook, he has truly established his social media presence thus increasing the popularity of his blog. He is also an activist and he is behind the blog Techmtaa.com which focuses on issues to do with digital media training, social media management and other tech stuff. 

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He has mastered the art of blogging and gives tips on and offline without charging a dime. Eric is the founder of fixusjobs.com,a blog that gives the small details of starting a successful blog. He has made millions from his blogs and advises upstart and established bloggers on how to monetize their sites. 

Pauline Njoroge 

A pro-establishment blogger who expresses her views in an articulate fashion devoid of insults. She commands 130,000 plus followers on Facebook. 


For most people interested in exploring Kenya, travel 254 owned by Rachel is the right fix for them. She has an inspirational blog with top notch pictures about various places in Kenya. People who are passionate about reading literature on travel destinations in Kenya and viewing magnificent pictures of the places she has been to will find the bog useful. Rachel has won 3 awards courtesy of her blog.

Walter Akolo

He is the brains behind FreelancerKenya. The blog focuses mostly on how one can make money online through freelance. Through his blog, a lot of people have gained knowledge in freelance and some have even ventured into it. The blog has also been visited by thousands of people looking for knowledge on freelance writing.

Nancie Mwai

Nancie Mwai is a popular Kenyan blogger whose main focus is fashion and lifestyle. With over 100,000 followers on her social media platform, Nancie has established herself as a popular fashion influencer. She has also won a few awards due to her catchy content. 


Blogging is a lucrative job for most Kenyans. As long as one has the right content, it is possible to grow a blog. The names listed above, as mentioned earlier, do not include all the bloggers in Kenya as there are so many others that are just as inspirational and wonderful.


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