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Top Zip Lining Parks In Kenya, Costs And Locations

By Kuria Kimani

Work and studies have taken up most of our time and the need to break the monotony is ever so present. Zip Lining offers a fresh opportunity to have fun and connect with the playful child within. It is not only an intensely fun activity, but also a high adrenaline-boosting one. Zip lining pushes one out of their comfort zones and sends them screaming over a distance, and losing control over their own bodies. Most zip lines are set up in locations that allow for participants to enjoy scenic views from above and take breathtaking photographs while at it. Coupled with the correct gear, proper hydration, cameras, and great company, zip lining is a must-do engagement. This article highlights the leading zip lining parks in the country and their costs.


A favorite for many, The Forest, Kereita is a zip lining park whose experience is unmatched. Located about forty kilometers from the country’s capital, Nairobi, The Forest is strategically placed to offer a thrilling, out-of-town and magical experience. The Forest is fully equipped with several outdoor activities including archery, paintball games, zip lining and hiking grounds. There is also a restaurant on site, and camping grounds to have a richer time at the heart of the Aberdare Ranges. The facility has six zip lines of varying lengths, the longest being a 2.4 kilometer zip line. The views from above are absolutely stunning and are famous for making excellent pictures. It costs Ksh 1,800 to enjoy two lines and Ksh 2,800 for six lines. Additionally, one should have an entrance fee of Ksh 200 ready in hand. The Forest is an excellent choice for zip lining and with that, Let’s Go!


People’s Park in Machakos is another great choice for a zip lining location. In the heart of Machakos County, the People’s Park offers a break from the normal day to day operations. It is a family-friendly place having structures for children to have fun such as roller-coasters and merry-go-rounds, food vendors, face painting artists, a zip line, and lush green lawns. The zip line is open to adults and all safety measures are observed by the servicemen located on site. The charges are Ksh 500 per person for a single ride, ranking as one of the most affordable locations in Kenya to enjoy the thrilling experience.


Located in Limuru, The Redhill Dam is another great choice for zip lining. The zip line is interestingly constructed to pass through the dam further intensifying the whole process. It is located away from the noise and bustle of city-life giving a perfect escape in the green lands of Limuru. To participate in the activity, one is adequately prepared before-hand with the provision of necessary gear. This is included in the charge of Ksh 2,500 that the facility requires for a zip lining experience.


Sagana, located on one’s way from Nairobi to Nyeri is one of the places in the country that have several outdoor activities and facilities. These include camping sites, zip lining, hiking, swimming and wall climbing. The Savage Wilderness Camp hosts a 120 kilometer zip line that attracts enthusiasts for an exciting event. The views from the high altitude make the adrenaline rush worth it. Participants get to view the River Tana from an aerial point along with nature’s wonders of majestic trees, and wild animals. It costs Ksh 700 per person to take a zip line ride at the Savage Wilderness Camp.

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Kompass is located in Ngong Forest and is one of the best regions for taking part in zip lining activities. Ngong Forest is lush with tracts of forest cover and scenic hills and valleys. The cost of taking a ride down the two hundred-meter zip line is Ksh 1,000 and an additional Ksh 200 as entrance fee. The location is suitable for group activities and participation in the various sports lined up.


There is definitely more to do while at the coast besides swimming, sunbathing and taking long walks along the beach. The Bofa Beach Resort in Kilifi offers a novel engagement at the coast of zip lining. The resort is complete with a restaurant, swimming pools and a gymnasium. This offers a whole variety of activities to relax on for the whole family. The thrilling rides on the zip line cost Ksh 1,500 per person, an all inclusive charge of the gear, monitoring and caution. The Bofa Beach Resort then becomes one of the places one must plan to make a visit to on vacation.


Corner Baridi is located in Kiserian at the PEC Nature Camp. It is a well known location for zip lining and reviews have often spoken of the intensely breath taking bird-eye views of the surrounding areas, the Rift Valley and the Ngong Hills. The experience is a ride over 180 kilometers with views of the countryside regions, at an exhilarating velocity costing Ksh 700 per individual. The name Corner Baridi reflects the cool weather at the site which requires adequate dressing for the rides and from time to time, there are postponements that arise due to bad weather. If considering this location, one should keep in mind the weather state.


Rapids Camp is also located in Sagana with an over 150 kilometer zip line that runs across a forest and gives views of the region’s landscape. The zip lining is part of several other activities offered at Rapids including kayaking, water rafting and waterfall views. The camp offers various deals in birthday deals, candle-lit events, retreats for the entire family, honeymoon packages, team building activities, and father-son deals. The zip lining experience costs Ksh 4,500.