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TT Comedian Profile, Age, Education, Comedy and Family

By Prudence Minayo

Unlike in the past when comedians struggled to make it in the mainstream media, today Instagram, Facebook and YouTube have enabled dozens to nurture their talent and become successful. One such amazing talent is Comedian TT, real name Terence Mwamadi. He was nicknamed TT by his aunt and the name stuck. The boy is making waves on social media platforms and YouTube. He is already a big name and has amassed millions of views in his videos. Here is the profile of TT. 


TT Comedian was born on 3 July 2016.


The comedian is still in nursery school. He attends a school named Learning Kids. 


The five-year-old is the first born in the family. His mother,Triza Damillola, believes he started acting while in the womb. She said even when he was a child, he had a way with words. The way he would ask questions would leave most wondering whether he was a child. 

TT’s mother is an actress who has done a couple of theatre films. She takes her son with her to auditions and acting gigs, something that also makes him learn. Her advice is that as much as education is important, parents should also identify and nurture their kids’ talent. His father is known as Mjukuu Mwamadi. 

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Through his YouTube channel, hundreds of funny videos have been shared. Nearly all his videos have views ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. The way he expressed himself, leaves his viewers in awe of his talent. He acts like he was born for the screens, with no trace of nervousness at all. His witty words do not seem to be at par with his age. Some of his most common videos, with millions of views, include:

  • Slay Queens
  • Slay Queens in Nairobi University 
  • School Confusion Day 
  • Sukari ya Mama 
  • Mwalimu Mlafi
  • Jifunze Kuishi na Watu 
  • Heshima ya Chakula 
  • Baba Yao
  • Deni ya Hoteli 
  • Mama Mdogo 
  • Sura Ngumu 
  • Aunt from Abroad
  • The Business School Boy 
  • My Innocent Grandmother
  • Chips and Chicken 
  • Caught Unaware 
  •  Maringo ya Nini 

The very first video his team uploaded on the channel is that of Kinyozi and Mzee Kofia. One of the members of the team can be found in his videos as Mjukuu. He often directs and writes the script. His mother is also a member of the team. According to them, a typical video shooting day can begin at 8am and end late in the evening. They are in no hurry and take breaks whenever TT is not up to it since he is just a child.