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Updated: Traffic Offences Fines In Kenya And Section 

By Buddy O.

If you are a motorist chances that you’ve been flagged down by a traffic police officer are very high for either overspending or committing some other form of offence. This writer has listed all the offences and updated penalties as per rules made by the Cabinet Secretary of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development. 

Table  of traffic offences, penalties and the section

Driving without identification plates affixed or plates not affixed or plates not fixed in the prescribed manner 10,000 12(1) and 14 rule 7 of 
Driving a vehicle without a valid inspection certificate inspected 10,000 16(2) and 17A (3)
Driving without a valid driving endorsement in respect of the class of vehicle 3,000 30(1) and (7)
Failure to renew a driving licence 1,000 30(4) and (7)
Driving a PSV while being unqualified 5,000 33(1)(c) and 41
Failing to carry and produce a driving license on demand 1,000 36(1) and (3)
Exceeding speed limit prescribed for class of vehicle By 1-5 Kph -warning

By 6-10 kph – 500

By 11-15 kph – 3,000

By 16-20 kph – 10,000

42(3),(4) and 43(1)
Exceeding speed limit of 50 kph or as prescribed by a traffic sign By 1-5 kph – warning

By 6-10 kph – 500

By 11-15 kph – 3,000

By 16-20 kph – 10,00

42(3),(4) and 43(1) 
Driving on or through a pavement or a pedestrian walkway 5,000 45A(1) and (2)
Failure of a driver to obey any directions given, whether verbally or by signal, by a police officer in uniform, in the execution of their duty 3,000 52(l)(a) and (2)
Failure of a driver to conform to the indications given by any traffic sign. 3,000 52(l)(b) and (2)
Failure of a driver to stop when required to do so by a police officer in uniform. 5,000 52(1)(c) and (2)
Causing obstruction by allowing a vehicle to remain in any position on the road so as to obstructing or causing inconvenience or to other traffic using the road. 10,000 53(l) and 67
Failure to display reflective triangles or lifesavers in cases where any part of the vehicle remains on the road in a position so as to obstructing or causing obstruction 3,000 53(3) and (4)
Driver of motorcycle carrying more than one pillion passenger 1,000 60(l) and (2)
Driving a vehicle on a footpath 5,000 90(2)(a) and94
Pedestrian willfully obstructing the free passage of vehicles 500 90(2)(c) and 94
Unlicensed person driving or acting as a conductor of a PSV. 5,000 98(1) and 104
Owner or operator of PSV employing an unlicensed PSV driver or conductor. 10,000 98(1) and 104
Failure to refund fare paid for incomplete portion of journey for which full fare has been paid 3,000 101(2)
Touting 3,000 103(l) and (2)
Failure of a PSV driver or conductor to wear special badge and uniform. 2,000 l03A(l) and (7)
Motorcycle rider riding without protective gear. 1,000 l03B(l) and (7)
Motorcycle passenger riding without protective gear. 1,000 l03B(l) and (7)
Person who while not being the designated driver of a PSV drives the vehicle. 3,000 103C(l) and (3)
The driver of a PSV who lets an unauthorized person to drive 3,000 l03C(2) and (3)
Learner failing to exhibit “L” plates on the front and rear of the motor vehicle. 1,000 Rule 12(1)(b)
Failure by owner of vehicle to have seat belts in motor vehicle as prescribed in Rule 224(l) 1,000 for every seat that is not fitted or, is not of the proper standard or specification Rule 22A(1) and (2)
Failure to wear seat belt while motor vehicle is in motion. 500 Rule 22A(3) and (4)
Failure of a conductor of PSV to keep seat belts in a clean, dry and generally wearable condition 500 Rule 22A(5) and (6)
Failure of a vehicle to carry reflective/warning signs (lifesavers) 2,000 Rule 25
Failure to fit prescribed speed governor in PSV and Commercial Vehicle 10,000 Rule 41A
Driving or operating a PSV with tinted windows or windscreen 3,000 Rule 54A
Failure of a PSV to carry functional fire extinguishers and fire kits 2,000 Rule 56(1) and (2)
Driver using a mobile phone while vehicle is in motion 2,000 Rule 59A(1)
The driver of a motor omnibus or matatu picking or setting down passengers in a place that is not authorized as a bus stop or terminal 3,000 Rule 65(f) and 69
A passenger alighting or boarding any omnibus or matatu at a place which is not authorized as a bus stop or terminal 1,000 Rule 66(1)(x) and 69
Travelling with part of the body outside moving vehicle 1,000 Rule 80