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Vera Sidika Net Worth And Her Businesses

Video vixen was a little known lexicon in Kenya until Vera Sidika happened. The curvaceous Sidika fame-and later fortune- can be attributed to P-Unit’s video “You Guy” where she appeared gyrating suggestively. In essence, her career kicked off in 2012 when the hit single was released. The media was in love with her. Entertainment publications like Pulse and online news outlets giving her unparalleled coverage. This gave birth to the video vixens phenomena who later morphed to socialites.

Starting out
According to Wikipedia, the socialite ventured into the fashion world aged only 17. She started out as a plus size model and actively participated in contests and fashions shows. Interestingly, her early photos tell a story of a skinny young woman with a dark complexion trying to her luck in modeling. Her transformation to the well endowed light skinned Sidika of today is indeed fascinating. Her ‘career’-if we can call it that-blossomed when she joined Kenyatta University in 2009 to study art and design.

Sidika was propelled to national limelight when she appeared on P-Unit video “You Guy” in 2012. Then Prezzo came calling 2 years later and the now dark turned ‘yellow yellow” vixen graced his “My Gal” single. Vera’s voluptuous backside was taking her places as Nigerian musicians KCSkiibii and Harrysong featured her in their video “Ebaeno” in 2014. The former Nairobi Secrets model career has not been short of controversy. To up her stakes and a wade off competition from upcoming socialites, Vera bleached her skin in what she insisted was skin ‘lightening’ . In an interview on the Trend Show aired on NTV, Vera claimed she had forked Kes15 million for the skin lightening procedure done in the UK. She told Larry Madowo in the same interview that demand for her services had shot up after the transformation from a dark to a light skinned woman. The blogs went on the overdrive when Vera claimed her weave is worth kes400,000.

Vera Sidika Net Worth And Her Businesses
Vera Sidika before the fame and money

Her Most expensive possession

Beds-kes2.7 million
Then there was that bed. The kes1 million bed in her palatial home in Kilimani. This year she reportedly bought another bed worth Kes1.7 million-raising question on her obsession with beds. Cumulatively her two beds are worth kes2.7 million.

Kilimani-over kes12 million
A quick look at property24.co.ke gives a glimpse of how expensive houses are in the Kilimani neighborhood. The cheapest house in this area is over kes8million. A conservative estimate would put Vera’s house at kes12 million.

Kitisuru-about kes150 million
A stately house in the reputable suburbs of Kitisuru is said to belong to Vera. This house can easily go for over kes150million if indeed it belongs to the socialites as claimed on Tuko and Pulselive blogs.

House in Nigeria
The socialite reportedly owns a house with a similar design with her Kitisuru home in Nigeria, according to Tuko.

Cars-kes20 million
The socialite owns a number of fuel guzzlers. She drives a Range Rover and a BMW.

Business Owned By Vera
A lot of stories have been bandied around regarding Sidika’s hustle. In 2015, a cheeky fellow made the socialite believe he was a rich Nigerian tycoon seeking her services. While she has insisted most her money comes from event appearances, the correspondence with her ‘client’ revealed the true nature of her business. She agreed to offer her body to the tycoon for a cool 15,000 euros (kes1.9 million) for four nights. That’s besides taking her for shopping.

Veetox Tea
The socialite is probably aware that her looks at some point will fade as younger dazzling women take her place. With this in mind, Sidika launched her own herbal detox products on 22, May 2017. Her product cleanses the digestive system, reduces bloating, improves metabolism and burns belly fat. There is Veetox Etra and Veetox Regular all retailing for kes3,000. She’s yet to disclose how much she makes from this business.

Brand Ambassador
Vera Sidika took to her social media platform to share her joy after she was named the official brand ambassador for Flat Tummy Tea Africa & E.A. The deal was reported to be in millions.

Hair Lounge
Her saloon business did not thrive as expected and she was forced to close shop in 2015. It was tastefully designed and even after offering discounts of upto 20 percent, clients still gave it a wide berth.

Hosting parties and making appearances in clubs
She is paid good money to make appearances in clubs and host parties. The boss lady travels to West Africa and Asia to offer her services as a host. It is not clear what hosting entails.

Her Net Worth
Assuming she owns what we read on the blogosphere and her social media platforms, Vera Sidika could easily be one of the richest celebrities in Kenya. Working on a rough estimate, her net worth could be more than kes70 million.

The media branded Vera Sidika, and those who followed her script, as socialites. But are they really socialites or women who pleasure well oiled men to line their pockets? The Kenyan media and entertainment blogs have redefined the concept of a socialite which traces its roots in the 18th and 19th century. A socialite, before its meaning became hazy, “is a person (usually from a privileged, wealthy, or aristocratic background) who has a wide reputation and a high position in society. A socialite spends a significant amount of time attending various fashionable social gatherings.” The Kenyan version of a socialite is a woman of loose morals whose rise to fame and fortune can be credited to her voluptuous backside . Those ladies who have no qualms sharing their well curved bodies with the minimalist covering on social media platforms.

According to The New York Times, the ‘real’ socialites spend between $98,000 (Kes 9932104) to upwards of kes$455,000 (equivalent of kes45,606,600) annually to maintain their status. So is Vera Sidika a socialite? The verdict is still out.

Other interesting facts about Vera Sidika
She’s popularly known as Vee Beiby
DOB: 30 September 1989
She starred in Nairobi Diaries
Dumped her boyfriendOtile Brown.