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Viatina 19-FIV: The Most Expensive Cow In The World 

  • Viatina 19-FIV is originally from the Indian district of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh
  • The expensive cow belongs to Nelore cattle breed

In Kenya, cattle farming is a prominent industry, with some cows and bulls fetching exorbitant price tags.

For instance, during the 2015 Agricultural Society of Kenya (ASK) trade fair held at Jamhuri grounds in Nairobi, former President Uhuru Kenyatta grabbed the headlines when he bagged himself a Boran bull after placing a bid of Ksh1.1 million.

Two years later, the president bought another champion bull at sh 1.2 million at another ASK trade fair. 

This left many Kenyans wagging their tongues on why one would spend so much on a farm animal. 

However, if you thought these animals were expensive, think again. 

Earlier this year, a huge, white cow by the name “Viatina 19-FIV Mara” was priced at $ 4.3 million (Over sh 400 million), making it one of the most expensive animals in the world. 

For context, the cow’s price can buy each of the 22 ministers in Kenya a brand new Toyota V8, with fuel to spare. 

The 4-and-a-half-year-old cow was sold by a Brazilian agricultural enterprise called “Agropecuaria Casa Branca” to another organization called “Nelore HRO” for $1.44 million – a third of its value – at an auction. 

Animals with such price tags are rarely owned individually. Instead, they are owned jointly by individuals or corporations. 

Currently, the Viatina 19 is owned by breeders Casa Branca Agropastoril, Agropecuária Napemo, and Nelore HRO.

Following its sale, It had its name etched in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most expensive cow ever sold at an auction. 

But what makes the Viatina 19-FIV so expensive? 

To begin with, the Viatina 19-FIV belongs to the Nelore cattle breed, which is famously revered for its superb genetic characteristics. 

Nelore Cattle. Photocredit/courtesy

Originally from the Indian district of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh, Nelore cows are known for their loose skin, bright white fur, and a prominent hump behind their shoulders. 

The cows are also known for their harsh resistance to hot weather. 

This is mostly due to their bright white fur, which reflects most of the light. Also, they have larger sweat glands than most other cattle breeds. 

Nelores are incredibly tough and resilient – much more than other breeds. Their efficient metabolism allows them to thrive even on low-quality fodder. 

Their bodies can withstand various parasitic infections while their tough skin offers a tough defense against external parasites. 

In terms of breeding, Nelore cows have wider pelvic openings and larger birth canals, requiring minimal assistance during calving. 

Moreover, their calves are incredibly active, often standing up and feeding within minutes of birth, without constant human intervention.

According to a report by The Guardian, sperm from some Nelore bulls can cost over $ 5,000 per 0.55 milliliter dose. 

However, the Viatina 19-FIV is not the only cow that has fetched such a jaw-dropping price tag. 

Most Expensive Dairy Cow

In 2010, a Canadian cow by the name “Eastside Lewisdale Gold Missy” sold for over sh 90 million, with sh 249 million more worth of pre-signed contracts. 

It was bought jointly by two US farmers. 

According to Nation, the long-legged cow had the potential to calve as many as 75 calves in her lifetime and produced 50% more milk than the average dairy cow – by world standards. 

Additionally, Missy’s milk produced more cheese than that of regular cows. 

It remains to be seen whether in Kenya we will one day have our own Missy or Viatina 19-FIV. 

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