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Vinnie Baite Biography, Background, Career, Family, YouTube Subscribers And Contacts

By Prudence Minayo

Vincent Mutwiri, aka Vinnie Baite, is an online Kenyan comedian who has quickly gained fame and  a foothold in the competitive world of comedy.  His comedy focuses on a number of issues affecting Kenyans like the economy, life challenges, women and money matters. His dream is to build a big brand with a focus on unique content and thereafter become a philanthropist. 


He hails from Kithaini in Meru county. His love for the arts started in primary school and extended to campus. He is a Literature graduate from Maseno University. His friends would often tell him how funny he was. With his passion for drama still intact, Baite started creating content which he uploaded on his YouTube channel and other social media platforms. 


After completing his university studies, he moved to Kawangware. It was here that he got to form a rapport with Caleb Kimathia- who always stars in his videos. One day, he asked him to accompany him to a photo shoot which culminated into a video shoot.

He shot his first video with the help of Caleb and a friend named Valentine. As he entered into comedy, he chose what he considered a yet to be explored niche. This is when he began doing videos dubbed Story za Jaba. 

At first, it was difficult to build an audience. He would post videos and the most views he’d get was 200, which was rare. This did not put him down and time and again, he posted more videos. Lady luck came smiling when one of his videos  trended on Tiktok.

Within a short while, Kenyans were looking him up and his videos began getting thousands of views. The fact that these views have increased with time is a statement of his talent. 

The stories he tells are funny but require very keen attention from his viewers. Without paying attention, it is at times very difficult to decipher the meaning. The comedian puts out a number of videos apart from Story za Jaba. He presents his comedy with a thick Meru accent as he chews miraa. 

Before starting on Story za Jaba, he used to do other comic videos including comic music. At one point after meeting Prof Hamo at Maseno, he was welcomed on stage to perform. At the time, he used to spot a thick afro, similar to that of Prof Hamo. He then proceeded to do a parody of the popular comedian. 

The content creator has interacted and worked with other big artists in the industry. He has previously done a video with Jasper Murume- popular for his performance on Churchill Show. The two met at an event organized by Desagu and hit it off. They agreed to hang out later and that was when they did a video together. 

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YouTube subscribers

Baite YouTube channel has over 77k subscribers and almost 4 million views. 


The funnyman shared a photo on his Facebook page confirming that he was a family man. He was holding his daughter as he urged his followers to subscribe to his YouTube channel. 

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