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Where To Buy Affordable Land In Kenya And Prices 

By Prudence Minayo

Land is that one asset that never depreciates in value. The price of a piece of land may be 10 times more than the buying price after a couple of years or when a major project is commissioned along that area. There are places in Kenya where an acre of land goes for Kshs.100million if not more. However, there are places where an acre of land can go for kes 1 million Kenyan Shillings or even less. In fact, in major cities most people can only afford to buy an 1/8 or at most ¼ piece of land and it goes for millions of Kenyan Shillings.

This article takes a look at some parts of the country where an acre can go for less than kes 2 million. Meaning ¼ can go for less than kes150,000. Land is affordable in the interior parts of these places and slightly expensive when it is close to major roads.


Land companies have descended on Matuu with a zeal. An acre of land touching the main road leading goes for not more than kes700,000 by the time of publishing this post. A few kilometres from the road, a serious negotiator can get an acre for kes350,000. 

Joska, Mutalia And Malaa

Land in this area used to be very affordable until recently. A 40 by 60 plot went for kes25,000 in the early 2000s. This has changed and the same size of plot will go for about kes800,000. Buying land in the innards of these areas will cost you kes3.2 million. Not a bad bargain if you intend to sub-divided and sell in future for a profit.


This is an agricultural town located in the Northern Rift Valley between Mount Elgon and Cherangani hills. It is a fast growing town which is home to the National Museum of Western Kenya. While buying land in the city center may be a bit expensive, buying land in the interior is a bit affordable. There are places where an acre can cost between kes1.5 million or kes2 million meaning a half an acre could go for less than a million and ¼ an acre is even cheaper.


Kuria has become popular with land buyers especially from Kisii county. An acre here goes for less than kes1 million. 


Located in the Coastal part of Kenya, Kilifi is a growing town that attracts thousands of both international and local tourists annually. This is a historical town that has so many tourist attraction sites.

Any land close to the town or near beaches is likely to be pricey but affordable in some local parts. In some of the interior parts (not too interior) land could go for about kes3 million for an acre, it could also go for slightly lower or slightly higher. It all depends on the location. 


Located in Western Kenya, Kakamega is a town with a lot of promise. It is about 52 kilometers from Kisumu which is the third largest town in Kenya. Kakamega county as a whole is made of different sub countries. Buying land in some parts of the county can be very affordable. There are places where an acre of land can go for kes1 million and the good news is that the price is not fixed. One could still negotiate, especially, if one is buying more than an acre.  The price could go just slightly down. In parts close to Kakamega town, the land is slightly expensive but not Nairobi expensive. 


This is a town in Nakuru county that is along the Mau forest. Molo constituency has 7 wards and the second largest producer of potatoes in Kenya. Depending on the location, an acre of land could go for a million or kes1.5 million.


The price of land in Naivasha is slightly high but not as high as Nairobi. However, it’s close proximity to the city is the main reason it is on the list. It could take about 2 hours or less to travel from Naivasha to Nairobi. Naivasha is also a tourist destination, hence, making it an ideal town to invest in land. As more people look for land outside Nairobi, the prices may increase in the future.

An acre of land in some amazing parts of Naivasha could cost between kes5-7 million Kenyan Shillings. It may go for less in very interior places. 


Located in Laikipia county, the town lies North East of Nakuru. It is a beautiful town surrounded by green vegetation providing a very awesome landscape. It is an agricultural town and also a big economic hub in the area housing a number of world class hotels including the Panari Resort.

An acre of land in the interior parts costs kes1 million and above. You can negotiate if you are buying more than an acre.


A lot of people are investing in residential and commercial properties in the outskirts of Eldoret. Some of the interior roads have also been tarmacked making the price of land shoot to millions.

However, there are some parts where land is quite affordable, like the interior parts of Baharini. Land can go for kes3 to 5 million. 


Bungoma county is found in the Western part of Kenya and borders Uganda to the West. The main economic activity of the area is farming meaning a lot of people have huge tracts of land just for this purpose.

Depending on where you are buying and whom you are buying from an acre of land may go for kes1 million Kenyan shillings, slightly below this or even above a million.


Kericho is known as the home of one of the best Kenyan tea which is also renowned worldwide. A number of people in the area own tea plantations which is one of the most widely grown cash crop in the area.

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An acre of land in some parts of the area can go for about kes2-3 million. The price can also be slightly higher or lower depending on who is selling and why they are selling.

Homa Bay

Located in Western Kenya, the town lies on the South shore of Winam Gulf. 

The price of an acre of land may go for kes1 million to 5 million or even more. It just depends on the location.


Land is a great investment and it can be found at an affordable price in different parts of the country. Outside major towns or even on the outskirts of the major towns, land can be slightly cheaper. Even in towns mentioned above, the price of land is not the same in all places. For example, one part of a town could be very costly and the other part be affordable. The price you will pay for the land will depend on:

  • Proximity to major roads/infrastructure
  • Type of land
  • The reason the owner is selling
  • The piece of the land in terms of acres or meters. 

This list contains only 10 places but there are so many other places where land can be very affordable.