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William Oloonkishu Yiampoy: Retired Athlete In Charge of Ruto’s Elite Security Team

William Oloonkishu Yiampoy is head of the crack Presidential Escort Unit (PEU), a role he has held since his appointment on October 21, 2022. He boasts over 26 years experience in VIP protection.

Yiampooy had previously served as deputy inspector general of police and was head of the Deputy President security detail for 10 years.

Whereas many may celebrate Yiampoy’s distinguished career in the National Police Service (NPS), a section of Kenyans remain unaware of his heroics in the country’s athletics arena. He was an 800 meters specialist, representing Kenya in multiple championships and won silverware in a couple races.

Background & Education

William Oloonkishu Yiampoy was born in Emarti village, Narok County on May 17, 1974.

The son of Ole Yiampoy was raised in line with the traditional customary Maasai community values. His father was wary of the effects of exposing his son to Western culture.

Despite lack much public information about Yiampoy’s childhood and upbringing, some of his background was captured in a book by renowned journalist John Manners – a Havard and Columbia University graduate who wrote for the World Athletics.

“His father, ole Yiampoy, a celebrated warrior and cattle raider in his youth, could see no point in Western education or sport, and only when pressed by local government authorities did he agree to send any of his children to school.

“Even then, he refused to part with any of his favored children lest they be lost or corrupted. Instead he chose scrawny little William. But when reports reached him that his son was repeatedly ranked at the top of his class, his attitude began to change,” Manners wrote in the bio.

Yiampoy attended Sosio High School in Kilgoris, Trans Mara, Narok County, finishing in 1989. He enslisted for the Kenya Police Service in 1991.

Athletics Career

Yiampoy begun his athletics career as a student at the Kenya Police Training College in Kiganjo, in 1996.

Under the tutelage of Italian, Gianni Demadonna, a silver medalist in the 1987 New York Marathon, his breakthrough came in 1999. Yiampoy enjoyed some of the best training facilities and camps both locally and internationally. He once had training camps in Verona, Italy.

His first major appearance on Team Kenya was at the 2000 Sydney Olympics when he was called up to replace the then-ailing Patrick Konchella. Yiampoy had failed to make cut during the trials.

Yiampoy finished fifth in the semifinals, suffering from aftereffects of Malaria.

He represented Kenya in the Godwill Games running the 800 metres race and won Gold. He would later earn a Team Kenya spot for the Edmonton Games in 2001 and finished fourth.

A relentless Yiampoy was a silver medalist at the 2002 African Championship Games before finally clinching Gold at the 2004 African Games in Brazzaville, Congo.

Competing at 800 meters, the security chief finished third at the 2005 World Championships, and fourth at the 2005 World Athletics Final.

He ran on a Kenyan 4×800 team that set the world record for that event, running 7:02.43 at the Van Damme Memorial in Bruxelles in 2006.

“Yiampoy is the latest in a line of brilliant Maasai 800-metre runners that dates back 20 years and includes not only the two-time World Champion Billy Konchellah but also his brother Patrick, the 1994 Commonwealth Champion, Stephen ole Marai, the 1987 World Championship finalist, and Billy’s son Gregory Konchellah (Youssef Saad Kamel of Bahrain). All come from Yiampoy’s home area, Kilgoris,” Manners wrote in the bio.

After hanging his boots in track, Yiampoy returned to service as a police officer.

Presidential Escort Unit (PEU)

Yiampoy served diligently and rose through the ranks since joining the force. He became a member of the coveted PEU in 1997.

He served in the Office of the Vice/Deputy President until his appointment to the Office of the President in October 2022.

Prior to his appointment as head of the crack Presidential Escort Unit (PEU), he was the deputy inspector general of police. He took over Senior Assistant Inspector General of Police Josphat Mputhia Kirimi, who was promoted to the National Focal Point on Small Arms and Light Weapons.