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Willy Paul Net Worth, What He Owns And How Much He Charges Per Show

Long gone are the days when gospel music was all about message laden lyrics devoid of what we are fed today by the new generation gospel artists. The legendary Munishi with his famed accordion would get the whole neighborhood humming to Malebo, his simple videos notwithstanding. He faded away to be replaced by the likes of Bahati, Timeless Noel, Jabidii and Hype Ochi, Size 8 and Ababukar Rabida Opondo a.k.a Willy Paul-who forms the basis of this article.

New generation artists
Willy Paul is one of the biggest gospel artists in Kenya today. His music, according to a section of Kenyans, is however more secular and he should be categorized as such. The Sitolia hitmaker latest collaboration ‘NJIWA’ with the ever fresh Tanzanian singing sensation Nandy is trending at number one on Youtube at the time of writing this article. It will take a lot of cooking to categorize this song as a gospel song. Willy Paul collabo with Jamaican reggae artist Alaine received with mixed reactions when he released it in 2017.

Locked out of Groove Awards
His brand of music coupled with a lifestyle said to be going against Christian teachings informed the decision to lock out Willy Paul and the equally talented Bahati Kenya from the 2016 edition of Groove awards. The organizers seem to have loosened the noose after the controversial artist won an award in this year’s ceremony held at KICC. Accusations leveled against Willy Paul may not be far from the truth if a source known to the artist is to be believed. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the lady described Willy Paul as a skirt loving young man whose arrogance is on another level. “He took me and my friend to his wife and demanded to have a threesome with us”, the lady alleged.

What Willy Paul Owns
Toyota Mark X: The artist owns a white Toyota Mark X that goes for about kes1.5 million. The Digiriri singer has a penchant for playing loud music-and he has a bias for playing only his songs- on his car.
The artist made a grand entrance in this year Groove Awards in a Toyota Landcrusier Prado and he made sure every moment was captured on camera. The same source revealed that the car may belong to the artist as he has been driving it in the neighborhood as he plays his music. A brand new Prado goes for just over kes8 million and a used one can go for kes4 million. Reports on some blogs that he owns a Range Rover and a Mercedes Benz are false.

Pozze lives in Five Star Garden flats in Syokimau estate. The rent is about kes35,000. He doesn’t own a house as alleged in some blogs.
How much does Pozze charge for a show
In 2016 interview with MPASHO, the artist claimed he doesn’t accept anything less than kes500,000 to perform in a show.

Will Paul Net worth
The artist most prized possessions are his two cars. His estimated worth if he was to sell his two machines would not exceed 6 million.

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