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Wives Of Celebrities Who Became Famous Than Their Husbands

By Prudence Minayo

Wives of celebrities in Kenya have taken advantage of the fame their husbands enjoy as a springboard to launch their own careers. Such women have gone on to enjoy big time fame and in process made good money from endorsements, appearances, YouTube and social media platforms. 

WoK brings you wives of these celebrities who have became a force to reckon with in the entertainment industry. In the list, we have included one politician.

Diana Bahati 

Diana Marwa’s stardom began when she appeared as a video vixen in Bahati’s song. The two would go on to date and thrive amidst all the hate thrown at them. 

Today, Diana Bahati is a star in her own right. She has become one of the most followed content creators on YouTube and is a source of inspiration to many. She has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands in the country including Indomie. Her debut into the world of music was also met with lots of praise from her ecstatic fans. 

Celestine Ndinda 

She would never have imagined herself in front of the camera but that was exactly where she has found herself. Through her inspirational journey with Timothy Kimani, she became a darling among their fans. People loved the fact that she stood by his side even when all seemed to be dark. 

Today, not only does Ndinda collaborate with her husband but she also has her own YouTube series dubbed Cele’s reflection. 

Betty Bayo 

Today, prosperity preachers are a dime a dozen but one who will always be remembered for conning thousands in the name of the Lord is Kanyari. While he has since disappeared from the limelight, his ex-wife Betty Bayo has become a sensation. From singing gospel songs to sharing inspiration content on YouTube, she has built a name for herself. 

Esther Passaris 

Esther Passaris is the incumbent woman representative of Nairobi county. Prior to joining politics, she was a model who went on to be a runners up at the Miss Kenya beauty pageant. Her husband Pius Ngugi is considered one of the biggest macadamia exporters in Kenya. Although rich, he prefers to stay out of the limelight. 

Kathy Kiuna

The Kiunas who run the Jubilee Christian Church are among the most popular pastors in Kenya. Kathy Kiuna is especially vibrant on social media where she shares inspirational messages and photos with loved ones. Through her Woman Without Limits program, she has encouraged thousands in this generation. She has completely overshadowed her husband Allan Kiuna. 

Judy Kawira

Judy Kawira is the wife of popular script writer Abel Mitua. Judy has been involved in a number of productions including Shamba Shape Up and Nairobi Half Life. While she prefers to stay behind the scenes, she has built a large following with her loyal fans. Her talks with her daughter on social media have been lauded for being very educational and eye opening.