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Young Kenyan Celebrities Who Made Their Millions Through Sheer Hard Work And Discipline In 2022

By Eunice Mwangi

Social media platforms and Youtube have opened a world of opportunities for content creators. Long gone are the days when traditional media was the only source of news and entertainment. Young people are creating content that rivals what you would ideally watch in the mainstream media and making millions out of their hustle. 

WoK has compiled ten content creators who have made good money from their sheer hard work and discipline in 2022. 

Thee Pluto

Robert Ndengwa, popularly known as Thee Pluto, is the creative behind the YouTube channel Loyal Test. He makes rounds in campuses and estates exposing cheating partners through his show. His show is the most watched in Kenya. He has over 660 K subscribers on YouTube, over 495k followers on Instagram and 881k on Facebook. Thee Pluto makes a tidy sum in the car he drives and his address is anything to go by. 

Mungai Eve 

Her channel is the third most watched channel after Pastor Ezekiel Odero. She is hardworking and this is evidenced by the number of videos uploaded on her channel everyday. Mungai commands over 650K subscribers and over 500k followers on IG. She has revealed in the past that she makes millions from her hustle. The creative is OdiBets brand ambassador among others. 

Lynn Ngugi

When she left Tuko videos-a section of Kenyans wrote her career epitaph. Lynn Ngugi has proved many wrong as she has become one of the best talk show hosts in the country. She has partnered with big time brands showing how mature her content is. Her channel, going by her name, is the fourth most watched channel in the country. She has a total of 545K subscribers and 142k followers on IG.

Nicholas Kioko

He had a rough patch when he was starting out but he has grown to become a force to reckon with. His show has an enviable following that rivals that of some mainstream media houses. He has a total of 326K subscribers and over 50 K on IG.

TT comedian 

He is full of humor and probably the best child comedian in the country. His channel is the 9th most watched channel in Kenya. He has over 865k subscribers on YouTube and over 70 K on IG.

Jackie Matubia 

The popular Zora actress YouTube channel recorded the highest number of new subscribers. Her channel has a total of 174K subscribers while her IG has 889k subscribers. 

The others are Comrades Flavour-Youtube 261K subscribers, Austin Muigai-YouTube 85K subscribers, Okumba junior -Youtube 276K subscribers, Aicy stevens and Nick Kwatch- Youtube 133K subscribers and Obinna tv -Youtube 118K subscribers.