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YoungRich: 21-Year-Old Mombasa Millionaire Who Bought Thee Pluto’s Prado TX

Kiddo who is slowly rising to be an internet sensation is among few Kenyan who have managed to make millions in their early age.

The 21-year-old came into the limelight in May 2023 after turning up at a local event while driving a Ksh 5.6 million car.

Apart from the pricey Nissan Fuga 350 GT, the young man also owns a Toyota Prado TX which he bought from content creator, Thee Pluto.

Kiddo revealed this in an interview with 2Mbili TV although he did not disclose he got the car for how much.

He revealed that he has owned three cars in his life; the first one being a Toyota Vitz which he was gifted by his parents immediately after high school.

Kiddo explained that he used his Nissan Fuga for running errands and short distance trips while the Prado TX is for long-distance travels.

“I use the Nissan when running errands here and there. The TX is for long-distance travels and when attending concerts,” he said.

When questioned about his source of income, he brushed it off and simply asked the youth to work hard.

“We will discuss about it some other day,” Kiddo said when asked about the source of money to fund his lifestyle.

He also disclosed that he used Ksh 650,000 to modify the car which included changing the tires, headlights and fitting snake lights inside the car.

“But I’m still modifying it, I’m planning to add some other installations including a music system,” Kiddo added.

Kiddo also added that he carries wads of cash inside his car for personal use or incase of anything while out running errands.

Thee Pluto YouTube earnings

As earlier reported on WoK, Thee Pluto had been facing fraud accusations on social media platforms.

With the unending accusations, the YouTuber has

come out to clear his name from the claims by explaining the source of his money.

For instance, on Tuesday, March 7, The Pluto shared a screen grab showing his revenue from YouTube where he publishes most of his content.

The screen grab of his YouTube earning dashboard showed that he made over Ksh 9 million in a span of one year; 365 days.

“It’s not my wish to share a screenshot of my YouTube earnings today, having it in mind that I am a businessman and I do a lot of things,” Thee Pluto captioned.

He added; “For a few months, I have been branded as a scammer, and people questioned my source of wealth. I lost all my brand endorsements because of a simple lie. I thank God I invested. Sometimes before you judge, ask.”

With 789 videos, Thee Pluto Show YouTube channel boasts over 735,000 subscribers and over 170 million total views.