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Zipporah Nyokabi: Ex-Saudi Arabia Domestic Worker Who Partnered With Sisters To Build A Rental Property, Mansion For Their Parents

Zipporah Nyokabi Waweru is a Saudi Arabia returnee who has invested in real estate.

Nyokabi together with her two sisters travelled to Saudi Arabia where they worked as domestic workers and saved religiously to secure their future.

The sisters have rentals house and built their parents a modest mansion.

Here is Nyokabi’s story as told by WoK.


Before traveling to Saudi Arabia, Nyokabi was working as an attendant in a local supermarket in Limuru.

She was introduced to a lady who was already working in the Gulf country.

“I was introduced to a certain lady working in Saudi Arabia and that is when I developed the urge to work there. I resigned my job and proceeded to Saudi Arabia,” she said.

In an interview with JMMI Media, she explained that it only took her one month to prepare and depart Kenya.

Nyokabi left the country in 2011 and worked under on contract basis for one employer until 2018 when he returned home.

“I would come for vacations and later renew my contact while working for the same employer, my journey to Saudi Arabia was the best,” she said.

She attributed her success to her employer whom she said she was welcoming and treated her like her own daughter.

“Beside work I was like their daughter. They provided everything and so I worked extra hard,” Nyokabi stated.

Having been brought up in a poor background, Nyokabi was determined to improve her parents’ lives.

“For me to quit the supermarket job to travel to Saudi Arabia was to upgrade out living standards,” she stated.

When Nyokabi left Kenya in 2011, her sister followed her in 2013 while their other sister joined them in 2015.

By the time they settled in Saudi Arabia, they shared a common goal which was to better themselves and the lives of their parents.

As a result, they decided to invest in real estate by constructing rental properties before starting another project for their parents.

“I will always credit my sisters. I did not do it by myself, it was also through my sisters. This is the result of out combination,” Nyokabi stated.

As they rake in money from the rental property, they had started construction a house for their parents in the village.

“When they see it they see the work of their daughters, they see the fruits of Saudi Arabia; at least we travelled, God helped us and we built this house,” she said.