10 Kenyan Celebrities You Did Not Know Are Siblings

10 Kenyan Celebrities You Did Not Know Are Siblings
Collage image of Sauti Sol singer Chimano and his sister, Barbara M'mbaka. |Photo| Courtesy|

Kenya has its fair share of celebrities coming from the same family. Blood relatives dominating the entertainment scene has been there since the times of such greats as E-sir and his younger brother Habib. This writer takes a look at the ten Kenyan celebrities you probably didn’t know are blood relatives.

Madtraxx and DJ Stylez

DJ Stylez is Madtraxx’s elder brother and one of the pioneering DJs in Kenya.

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Madtraxx stepped out of his brother’s shadow to become one of the most formidable rappers of our time.

Bamzigi, Kid Kora and Lenana Kariba

Bamzigi was one of the biggest hip hop acts and a member of Necessary Noize consisting of Wyre and Nazizi. He is a brother to Kid Kora, who was a member of a Kansoul group, whereas Lenana is a famous actor known for her roles in Changing Times and Lungula House.

Tina Kaggia and DNA

Mid-morning radio personality Tina Kaggia is Dennis Kaggia, popularly known as DNA, younger sister. Dennis Kaggia released mega hits such as Fimbo and the well-received Banjuka anthem during his debut.

Scott the Violinist and Dj Protégé

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Scott is a talented performing artist who has performed for the upper echelon, known also as Scott the violinist by his legion of followers.

The amazing violinist is DJ Protégé’s brother.

Ciku Muiruri and Tony Gachoka

Tony Gachoka was the host of KTN political program Point Blank, a prolific political activist and strategist.

In late 1980s and early 1990s, his sister Ciku Muiruri hit the radio waves with a bang, a feverish personality from the media came into being.

Famous for her Busted feature at Kiss 100, Ciku was able to build a niche, including being a regular columnist for the Daily nation.

Recently, she published her book Love is a Dream. 

Rufftone and Daddy Owen

Rufftone of ‘Mwikhulu‘ fame and Daddy Owen were at one time the biggest gospel artists in the country.

Rufftone, real name Roy Smith Mwatia was the first one to gain traction in the gospel industry.

Chimano and Barbara M’mbaka

Chimano is a member of Sauti Sol band, while his sister is a Radio Personality, working with the spice FM station.

Each weekday from 7 to 10 pm, Ms. M’mbaka hosts a show of #AdultsIntheRoom.

“I am called Barbara M’Mbaka Imbakhala, Ikolomani Duchess and Chim go back. My little brother, Chim is my sibling. We were 3, 2 daughters and one boy for the longest time. He was the last born and could get away with everything and everything, occasionally a snitch,” Barbara M’mbaka recalled.

Eric Omondi and Fred Omondi

Eric Omondi is the self proclaimed comedy president of Africa. His younger brother Fred Omondi is equally gifted, although he has taken a back seat in the recent past. They both took part in Churchil show where their careers flourished.

Size 8 and Deejay 7

Size 8 started out as a raunchy secular artiste before finding her way into Gospel music while her sister Mary started out as a deejay.

But the soft-spoken Spins Trade Academy-trained DJ dropped the decks for a shot at managing Size 8’s career and she is doing a pretty good job.

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