20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2022

Kenyan female celebrities are fashion icons who have a big influence on the fashion trends in the country. This writer takes a look at the 20 best dressed female celebrities in Kenya. 

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Rev Lucy Natasha Image/Courtesy

Rev Lucy Natasha

The Nairobi based preacher who often refers to herself as oracle is one of the most followed young female preachers in Kenya. She has amassed quite a huge following on social media. The flamboyant preacher is not only known for her luxurious lifestyle but also for her fashionable sense of style. While controversy seems to follow her every other time, Rev Lucy is obviously a firm believer in looking beautiful. She is famous for saying Christianity is not boring and that people can slay and preach.

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Betty Kyalo Image/Courtesy

Betty Kyallo

A former news anchor and show host at K24, Betty Kyallo rose to the limelight while working at KTN. While some social media users have always been quick to judge her dressing, the businesswoman has always shone amidst all challenges. Her dressing style is always on point. She will show her curves in a swimsuit, rock in casual wear and look fabulous in official wear. 

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Lulu Hassan Looking Good As Always Image/Courtesy

Lulu Hassan

The famous Citizen TV Swahili news presenter, Lulu Hassan is known for her elegant dressing style. The news anchor always steps out to read the news bulletin looking like a perfect Muslim model. She is also an inspiration to many ladies both Muslim and non-Muslim ladies. ‘You don’t have to dress provocatively to look good’ is what defines Lulu Hassan. 

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20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Nadia Mukami Image/Courtesy

Nadia Mukami

Famous for the song Radio love, Nadia Mukami is making waves in the Kenya secular music industry. She has released hit after hit and is considered one of the best female musicians in Kenya. Her vocals are to die for and so is her amazing sense of style. She can rock any kind of wear from provocative to decent and still look good.

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Milly waJesus Image/Courtesy

Milly WaJesus

The sensational YouTuber owns one of the most followed couples YouTube channels in the country alongside her husband Kabi WaJesus. Known for her gorgeous facial features and infectious laugh, Milly WaJesus can often be spotted in very elegant outfits, whether casual or official. 

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Diana Marua Image/Courtesy

Diana Marua

Diana is the wife of popular singer Bahati and also the mother of his children. She came into the limelight when she started dating Bahati and has remained in the limelight to date. She is known for being a good mother to both her biological children and her husband’s child with his previous lover. She owns one of the biggest YouTube channels in the country. Marua always manages to look good and knows how to dress for the occasion.

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20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Milly Chebby Has Been Body shamed bit this hasnt stopped her from looking her best I

Milly Chebby

If there is a celebrity who has received a lot of body shaming due to her body shape  is Milly Chebby. However, she never lets it bring her down. She is a confident, beautiful woman who knows how to dress her body. All the outfits she steps out in look amazing on her and she has a YouTube​ channel with more than 100,000 followers where she specializes on cooking recipes. The mother of one is a gorgeous soul both inside and out.

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021

Sarah Hassan

Sara Hassan has a face that was meant for the screens. Her chemistry on the screen is just so amazing and she is hands down one of the best actors in the industry. The beautiful actress always steps out looking like a cover model in her beautiful outfits and angelic face.

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Cate looking stunning Image/Courtesy

Catherine Kamau

Catherine Kamau is a mother, a content creator, a comedian, a wife and a singer. She grew into a household name while acting as Selina on Citizen TV drama series Mother-in-law. Through determination and hard work, she has been featured in a number of films including Sue na Johnnie and Plan B. If there is one language the actor speaks so well, it is fashion. Cate always steps out looking amazing and is not afraid to try out new and unique fashion trends. She has been an inspiration to a lot of young women, especially teen mums. Her story gives hope and also warns on the dangers of early pregnancy. 

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Ndinda has shed weight Image/CelestineNdinda Instagram

Celestine Ndinda

Celestine is a content creator and wife to popular comedian Timothy Kimani, aka Njugush. She has always worn the casual look so well and started hitting the gym last year. She has undergone a complete transformation and all her hard work at the gym has paid off. Recently, she has been stepping out looking so gorgeous in both casual and official wear, not forgetting her glowing skin.

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Joy Kendi Image/Courtesy

Joy Kendi

The vlogger is one of the most stylish celebrities out there. She has an amazing eye for fashion and most fashion and beauty vloggers have mentioned her in their videos. Joy is an actor as well as an entrepreneur with a massive following on social media. Her travel content on YouTube is also out of this world.

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021

Natalie Tewa

Natalie Tewa is a popular YouTuber who focuses mainly on lifestyle content focusing on hair maintenance, exercise, beauty and even travel. She was the talk of town last year after it was alleged that she was dating Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho. Natalie is a fashion icon who looks good in anything she wears.

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Wabosha Maxine Image/fotoSCAPE

Wabosha Maxine

Wabosha is also another young content creator who has used YouTube to immensely grow her brand. She has diverse content that focuses on beauty, travel, life hacks and just general lifestyle videos. With one of the cutest smiles, Wabosha is definitely one of the well dressed celebrities in the country. 

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Bridget Shighade Image/Courtesy

Bridget Shighadi

Bridget became a household name in Kenya after being featured as the villain in the popular Maria drama series. She is a model and a mother who always looks good and has good taste in clothes.

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Size 8 Image/Courtesy

Size 8

Size 8 is a popular secular cum gospel singer known for a number of chart topping songs like Mateke. She is married to DJ Mo and is absolutely stunning. She was even part of a show on Rembo TV that specialized in giving makeovers to ladies. It is no wonder, she is one of the best dressed in the country.

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Maureen Waititu Image/Courtesy

Maureen Waititu

Maureen Waititu is a content creator and mother to two wonderful boys. She previously had a YouTube channel with her ex-fiancé Frankie Just Gym It but the two went their separate ways. Maureen was featured in last year’s True Love magazine and why not when she is one of the best dressed ladies out there. She was also once a host of the makeover show on Rembo TV.

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Caroline Mutoko Image/Instagram

Caroline Mutoko

She is often referred to as the radio queen having worked in radio for so many years. Caroline tends to dress in amazing outfits that are elegant and classy.

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Tanasha Donna Image/Courtesy

Tanasha Donna

The Kenyan musician and ex radio presenter always spots jaw dropping outfits. She became a well known star when she began dating popular bongo star Diamond Platinumz. The two went their separate ways and Tanasha is currently raising their son and working hard to build her brand.

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021
Kamene Ngoro Image/Courtesy

Kamene Goro

Kamene Goro started out her career in the media world at a very young age and quickly rose to fame. She is one of the most listened to presenters in Kenya and hosts the Kiss FM morning show alongside Jalang’o. She is known for her amazing voice and nuggets of wisdom she throws here and there during the show. Kamene always looks good without seeming like she put too much effort in her dressing. 

20 Best Dressed Female Celebrities in Kenya 2021

Azziad Nasenya

The Tik Took queen is known for her awe inspiring dance moves and also has a show on YouTube dubbed shoe game with Azziad. Known for spotting very long nails, Azziad is also another celebrity who steps out looking good every other time.